Multiple Properties as host?

I love that AirBnB has introduced Additional Host- but unfortunately they only allow you to host one other property other than your own. I currently rent out my cabin and now am also managing 2 of my friends cabins- as they simply didn’t want to deal with 24/7 emails and texts all the time and I’m a night owl.

Does anyone else here manage multiple properties? As of now I leave each one in my friends name and not under a business name. I feel this keeps it more personal and doesn’t make it feel like a corporation.

Love to chat about this with anyone else who does the same.

I don’t believe this to be accurate. I have a cohost for 3 properties.

I now have 5. They upped it since it first started. Not sure what the max is

I agree, I would definitely put them under different personal accounts instead of single cooperate account. For me, it is a kind of turn off when I look for a place to stay if I see a profile like that.

Personally, I used to manage 11 listings under my same personal account, but I know people doing this as serious business with15-20 different accounts. They basicly run the all operations instead of their clients/friends.

Yep- all my owners have their own accounts. I then add me as Co-host or I have their log in info. It’s great on AirBnB a completely pain on VRBO as they don’t do co-hosting