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Moving to a Different Home?

Can I move my account and reviews and everything else if I were to move from one house to another?

You just add a new listing for your new home to your current profile from the date it will be available .

Don’t forget to block out long term booking on your current listing so you don’t accept bookings at your current place you won’t be able to honour .


Thank you! I never dreamed it would be so easy. Thank you so much.

I’ve done it twice. Only planning to move once but the town I moved to was hostile to STR so I sold that one after a year and moved again. All your reviews go with you.
Once the first was listed I stopped all bookings.
The 2nd one sold too quickly and I ended up having to cancel a couple reservations.

I’m not familiar with the initials STR. Thanks for the info. This is great.

@pat Short term rental.

I just looked it up. Short term rentals. You’d think I’d know that. :wink:

To be clear, the reviews stay on your profile and you can keep Superhost status, but your new listing at your new home will start from scratch (i.e. with no reviews).

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