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Moving specially to another country to manage AIRBNB apartment

Hola guys :slight_smile:
I’m moving in Monday to Madrid and i’m going to manage a 5 roms apartment. The apartment will be ready i think in 1st of November (means i will do all the preparing, pay attention for all the work of the building and all that.
If i manage the apartment and do everything and in the first 2 months there is no one coming. Do you will charge for a monthly? or not ?
Just reminded that im not living in this city, I’m moving specially also to manage it. because he prefer someont that he knows and he can contact with her easily in the same languge… so all the phone, internet, another rent apartment will be on me.

what’s going on if tomorrow me and the manager of the apartment seperate. so… I need to bring him the list ?! no right ?
I need to sell it? . How much you will charge only to build the accont and all the 5 listing for example?

THANK YOU !! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Not sure I understood your question. You said

“If i manage the apartment and do everything and in the first 2 months there is no one coming. Do you will charge for a monthly? or not ?”

Are you asking whether you should charge the owner for your two months work even though there are no guests?

yes. well, i’m not a company that earned just from my selling.
I’m moving specially to manage it and I pay from my money about living and all that. If the tourism is not so good in those months…so?! (for example i earn 20%. but if there is no tourisn so i earn 20% from nothing)

What do u recommend ?

The only thing you can do is work on a minimum retainer - whatever is the minimum amount you need to live in Madrid for one month - let’s say for example 2,000 euros. You charge the owner the minimum, and once you start earning your commissions, then you keep whatever is greater - if you don’t make 2,000euros in one month you continue to get the minimum salary. If you make more than 2,000euros in one month, you get the extra.

But you have to figure out what is the minimum pay you can live with , and ask for that as a monthly guarantee.


You need to be paid a fixed rate regardless of whether or not there are any bookings. Nothing is guaranteed, and if business is slow, you still need to earn a living. To me, this sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.


Its a bad sign for me that the person who you manage appartment for did not discuss these VERY IMPORTANT issues with you. Before you move to another country, you should have all the facts on your hands, not after.
Now, you dont even have basics of your agreement. You are asking a question that should be answered by the owner within first minutes of him/her hiring you.

I personally think that manager should be paid based on comission. But again its all depends on the agreement.
Did you say you have topay for internet also. Are you going to live in that appartment as well?
If you are , and you are not paying any rent, then here is your pay. But i really think there should be a very transparent agreement between you and the owner


Looking at your post history, it seems you do not have a clue on what your getting yourself into.
This can either go very well, or very very wrong.

But I think the apartment should be the least of your worries.

You “move” Madrid, do you have a Spanish passport? Or any other European passport?
Do you have a license to work in Europe, or are you going to be an illegal immigrant?

Do you know any Spanish? Madrid is a big city, but very little people speak good English.
How about insurance, what happens if you need to go to Spanish hospital?

You sound vary naive to me.

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hi. i’m not naive. thanks any way
I have insurance and im going also to study in Madrid so everything is o.k.

I didn’t move to Madrid yet and I have meeting with him tomorrow befor i’m moving.
That’s the reason I asked for people advices and what they think i need to ask.

That’s it.

If i were to manage someone’s property i would start with figuring our what i need. I manage now my friend’s house (finally she realized she needs to pay me). I only charge her 10%, which is fine with me, she is my friend after all. For me its very important to be trusted with my judgement. If an owner wants to do micromanagement without even being present thats not going to work with me. Owner’s interest is priority to me and i will do the job to the best my of my abilities, but if owner is going to watch every step i make its not going to work.

That would be my question #1.
2. I would ask about other things that might happen, like repairs. How is it going to work. Will i report to owner every time something minor happen, or will i have access to some money so i can pay contractors or maintenance people.
3. Who collects rent, you or owner
4. I would want to be paid comissions immediately after rent is paid. If its comission based.

As @Chris says, this should all be worked out well in advance. I look after a neighbour’s rental and I’ll describe how we work it as it may be another aspect for the OP to consider.

I do everything, including the internet work, the cleaning, the meet-and-greet etc. For this, I am paid a fixed fee per turnover. This is fair for both parties. I don’t get paid if I don’t work. (Although in the case of the OP, I would want a retainer or free room).

As far as the owner is concerned I work harder for him, for instance responding to inquiries quickly, promoting and selling, because that way I make more money. If there are additional issues, such as arranging for a plumber or handyman, then I’m paid extra for my time.

Just another option…

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