Mountain Biking and insurance


I have a property in an area that is suitable for mountain biking. There is about 20 or 30 acres of land surrounding it. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what the insurance implications might be if I let them cycle on the land? Is anyone doing this?



Is it YOUR land, public land, or land owned by someone else? That’s the first question your insurance agent is going to ask. Are they using YOUR bikes or their own bikes? If any of that is YOURS, then I believe that you can be held, in some sense, reliable for injuries to people or equipment. Even a “bike at your own risk” disclaimer won’t help if someone really wants to come after you…

I’m not an insurance agent, but I did sleep in an AirBnb last night…

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Thanks Ken. Its my parents property. Will have to get in touch with the insurance company I think - definately in fact

If in US might want to contact Proper Insurance. Their short term rental commercial insurance can cover sports equipment use.

At the very least i would have them sign a standard non liabilty ageement.

Unfortunately, those agreements aren’t worth the paper they’re printed and signed on

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