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More guests arrive than original booking


What do you do when 1 more guest arrives than originally booked they booked for 3 but 4 showed up ?


Hi, if you charge extra per additional guest after 3 guests, then yes I would say something… also on my list of house rules, I added that non Airbnb guests are not allowed to spend the night at the house. Hope that helps…


My listing rules state that if additional guests show up then the reservation must be corrected before check-in. Regardless if the money, if you end up having a problem with them, the correct number of guests should be on the reservation


I agree with dcmooney. I have a house rule that no visitors are allowed on the property. The additional guest would be a visitor in this case. So they would definitely have to alter their reservation before the 4th guest can even enter my house.


We could be more helpful if you provide some bacground info. Do you even allow more than 3 people? How did they try to explain this extra person and why they didn’t tell you about it?

Are they renting one bedroom or an apartment?


I say shoot em, hide the body and you’re good.



LOL… we’ve been scolded here before about using gallows humor! :slight_smile:


DC is right. You have to make the correction before they enter the house. I bet they thought you wouldn’t “notice” the extra guest. Would you ever do this in a hotel? Never. I have to wonder if some of these people have never checked into lodging before!


I charge a nominal fee for additional guests. When guests arrived with more people, it’s very hard to confront them. It will be a very embarrassing moment for them, either they did it intentionally or not. And guests may leave a retaliatory review afterwards. So most of the time I just let it go.

I usually emphasize in the listing description to put in correct number of guests. Also at the time of inquiry, I would be subtly asking something like: “is it just the two of you?”. Most guests will inform me if they add more people after booking is made.

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