More about Airbnb travel insurance

Ok-instead of taking you to the link, Airbnb is taking travel insurance offering to the next level.


Interesting. The 50% coupon noted at the end the story doesn’t say who is paying for that. Details to come…

Spring is HERE! The Airbnb travel insurance is planned to be released spring 2022.

Has anyone seen an Airbnb update?


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Based on the way Airbnb operates, I have a feeling that Airbnb will collect the premium and make the terms for extenuating circumstances very generous. Ultimately, the insurance will be provided by hosts.

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Airbnb seems to be advocating CFAR (cancel for any reason) insurance with their current travel insurance option with

We shall see where this all settles or maybe disappears

yes, and most likely these people will harass the host to provide a refund.

We shall see how this goes.