Missing payments

I am besides my self in being upset. I been a long time host. But just in last 9 days we have received no payments for stays. I have called Airbnb 11times. I have asked to have it escalated. I have asked to speak to a manager where I been on hold over 35 minute then mysteriously disconnected with no call back. All the stays but one are showing as future payouts. There via PayPal. They have not been released yet. There is one payment made through resolution section that’s not even showing up at all. I called 3 times just today. Expecting a payout today that has not hit. I do not know what’s going on. We are talking now about 6 payouts worth $1,700 dollars I know it’s not the end of the world. But I represent other owners who think I’m not telling the truth here about this. I’m really upset and in the dark. I been with Airbnb about 5 years. I have close to 500 stays. I always treat the renters right. I don’t know what to do.

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That’s not great.

Have you tried to Facebook or Tweet AirBNB?

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They finally figured out the problem. System glitch from first missed payment on oct 6th. Basically saying email address no good for PayPal. Which caused a chain effect for all future payments not to work. They say now they see the problem. Still missing $1675. But I have faith.

I am just beyond myself, I cannot believeAttend Guest have came and wentAnd I have not received any payment from airbnb!!!

they will not even address the problem, i have called over 20 times in the past two weeks, they owe me over 12,000 euros!!! can somebody PLEASE HELP!

12000 euros - what do you rent out? A palace?


Contact them Direct Message on twitter. Best and fastest route when you can’t get anywhere. But there never quick to respond.

I just joined this forum and don t know how to post. Guest left and there is new one. Still haven t been paid for last guest. I ve called airbnb many times. No one calls me back. They said problem w my acct but i don t see any problem.