Missed Superhost. But stats say different

Just got an email from Air saying that I have missed out on Superhost for this round. However my stats say different.
For each category I have either met or exceeded the requirements.
Ive only been doing this since November & I got Superhost last time.
Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance

Those stats are a picture of your ratings right now. Did you dip to below 80% just before the assessment period began? Assuming you did that’s why you missed out; it’s happened to me before and meant I missed superhost for that quarter even though it then subsequently went back up over 80%.

Also, did you have a cancellation in the previous quarter?

Your 5 star rating may be rounded up to 80%.

if you did 54 trips and 43 were 5 stars, that’s 79.6%, which rounds to 80.

Had you had 44 5 stars trips out of 54, that would be 81.5%.

AirBnB has some rounding issues on their site that can be confusing. Maybe this is one of them.

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