Misleading "special offer" in calendar

Sometimes when I open my calendar and pricing I see this proposal from Airbnb to set up a special offer:


I usually try to implement the airbnb suggestions if possible hoping it will make more more visible.

I found this one to be VERY misleading.

I wanted to rent the low season, last minute weeks remaining in January so I accepted this 11% special offer proposal. The way it is written, it looks like you specify the weeks and the guest will get 11% on THOSE weeks right? Not on any week he wants on your entire calendar?

So thinking it meant people would get 11% for booking the last minute available low season January weeks I clicked OK on the offer.

Much to my surprise, someone booked my last available HIGH SEASON JULY week and got this discount! In fact the discount is for booking ANY period, if you make the reservation during the low season weeks. WTF.


Anyone else have experience with this.

Not surprised. I think most of us find that those “suggestions” from Air, aren’t worth the pixels they are printed in!


a hah!!! that explains to me how a booking came in with a low rate…I could not figure it out. Thank you thank you.


Give Airbnb a call @lililou1 if the guest was able to book the special offer outside the dates you were advertising it for.

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The 11% off discount Air offered and I signed on to had a limited time offer. If it was open ended I wouldn’t click. It may have brought in my nice guest(!) :slight_smile:

Wish you were right but I have zero expectations as this is clearly a scam to get you to lower your price in high season without realizing it.

The way it is stated, in fact, was very misleading but could be construed any way.

The people got 11% discount for booking “during” January. Only thing is they booked in January for my last high season week of July and also left an unrentable gap of 3 nights in high season with the next renter. So they got 11% plus 3 empty nights I will have no income in my super high season.

I doubt Airbnb is going to do anything about that.

The whole point is, if you understand what you are signing up for, then it’s great!

If I had wanted to give 11% off my super high season week that was remaining, I would be thrilled!

The way it was presented was misleading, that is the point.

Nobody should give a discount in high season 6 months ahead of time, that’s just bad business and completely stupid!

I would have loved to get a discount-paying guest in my low season with this promotion, that is why I signed up for it.

So yes, if you get a nice guest in the period you were expecting than good for you and yay for airbnb.

If you wind up giving a freebie in your super high season that you weren’t expecting, I’m sorry I call that a dishonest scam.

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