Misleading search in airbnb

I am a host on airbnb and have a question about my listing in a search. Whenever i do a search, our listing is at the top of the search everytime which is misleading… is that the same with every host? How do u perform a search to see exactly where your listing ranks? Can u disable this feature even?

You have to log out in order to see where you land. However, if you have Instant Book enabled, you won’t actually get an accurate result since the search results will filter by only the Instant Book places that people qualify for. I use @smartbnb.io reports to get my “real” rank results.

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Open a private page and then search. Clear your internet history cache. Use someone else’s computer. Go to the library and look.
I am on the top of my local page, but there are only 12 of us in my area.

i just tried logging out and couldnt do anything until I logged back in. i am using my phone… where i created my listing.
Also what was @smartbnb.io?

I recommend you check https://smartbnb.io/report and enter your listing number. You will reach a page with some metrics including your ranking placement for some dates in the future.


I log out, clear all cookies and history on browser then carry out search!
Also I noticed the listings displayed. Vary depending on the geographical location from which you are searching - at least on mobile devices!

That is a sensational way to check out how the competition is doing !
Will this free feature stay online the coming months? Or do I have to be quick with assessing the competition?

I think because of this comment I am going to restrict this :smiley:
No, seriously, I have plans on restricting this per email.

Nooooooooo… :disappointed: Give me a few days, please :relaxed:. For a fellow Belgian :relaxed:.

I am French, I just happen by some accident to live in Belgium :wink: #GrandRemplacement

In any case, this will not happen overnight, so, there is no need for you to spam my servers. Worst case scenario, you are going to have to buy me one lunch per month.

I spent far too much time yesterday putting everybody on the first page of results for my area through this analysis (I am not on the first page)

What I concluded:
Of those who aren’t on instant book (who automatically get priority anyway) the only visible difference between these hosts and me is that their response times tended to be between 5 hours - 3 days. Mine is 5 minutes and 27 seconds.

So basically I still have no idea where I’m going wrong!

Luckily I get my superhost medal soon so hopefully that pushes me up a bit.