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Misleading rates


Lol, who cares what other host do! I looked at my listings and the price displayed is my lowest price plus the cleaning deposit, no ABB fees. I just lowered a few Tuesday nights to get that number down so more people will see my place. Its not trickery its business.



Did you see I gave the example of a fellow with one cheap night that he had no intention of booking out? I clicked on it to see if I could book it because if I could get a $200 a night place for $50 I would stay there one night and move to another airbnb for the other nights. It wasn’t bookable because he has a 3 night minimum.

It is deceptive if the service or product is not actually available at that price. It’s like a store flyer with a cheap item, you go to buy the item and they are out and they point to the small print that says “no rain checks.” When you complain to the manager he says “it’s not trickery, it’s business. We had 5 of them but sold out.” I’m sure you would just admire their clever business sense, you wouldn’t be irritated, but I would.

It’s one thing to have nights based on demand like the hotel that’s $20 a night cheaper on T-W-Th, it’s another to just have artificially low prices to get people to look.


When I was in retail they would sell paper towels on the ad for less than we paid for them, and then put them in the back of the store so you have to go past everything else to see them. Costco mixes stuff up all the time to make you search. No difference. Plus you can book my tuesday rate its not fake.



I am talking exactly about hosts like that, they don’t have intention to sell the night, most of the time for the reason you wrote about you can’t really book the night, they just want to appear the first on the search list cheating guests that are looking for an accommodation and wasting their time


grocery stores do always like that, they are hiding products like eggs or putting cheap items on the lower shelf,but you can actually buy the items at that prices.


It is available at that price in my case. I have a one day minimum so anyone who wants to book my cheap Tuesday night is free to do so and I will be happy to host them.

My thanks to the OP for pointing out this strategy!



yes! i absolutely agree with you on artificial prices. perfect word: artificial. and, the example you gave of trying to get that elusive $50 price was spot on.
no, we can’t dictate what other hosts do, however, my point was that when Airbnb compiles a list of “similar listings” to use as a comparison, i have to wonder at these low ball prices. Airbnb keeps saying lower my prices…to the low ball one? trick the public the same way?
discounting prices based on demand, orphan date, etc. is not what we’re talking about. nothing wrong, certainly, with managing your booking that way. it’s smart.
bottom line: airbnb cannot expect me to offer “consistently” low ball prices to match the competition when that price is artificial. this certainly makes it hard for a new host, i can tell you that!


And you can book my cheap Tuesday night as well, no minimum night stay here.



thank you, chris, for taking the time to critique my listing! you were very thoughtful and i really appreciate your advice.
i thought the bullets would make it easier to read. some people have said if it’s too wordy folks won’t bother reading it? I’ll look at that other listing.
appreciate your input, chris!


I know in my own town there are some nice, inexpensive places but there seems to be more demand than supply so I just wait it out. The last minute people have to pay more, not less if I’m the only listing left. And if it doesn’t book out, I take a night off. I don’t lower my price anymore.


thank you for your comments. it’s good advice. i keep looking for the magic formula that will increase bookings. being outside of the city makes it hard to draw guests. we don’t have a beach nearby. it’s just good ole suburbia…:slight_smile:


Yes, I use this low price tactic for “orphan days” also. It fills up the calendar.


hi, i was told once that if my house had a low rate people would judge it as being of lesser value than other listings…i don’t like the fact that airbnb captures the lowest rate and puts that on the listing.


To make matters worse, if you have dynamic pricing turned on it’s not even the lowest rate available for booking in your calendar, it’s the minimum price you’ve entered for dynamic pricing. If you’re like me and override the dynamic pricing for every night, that minimum may never be available!

One of my properties is located in a local ski and summer tourist town which has extreme swings in demand. During off-season weekdays I rent it out for $90-110 a night, but during peak season it’s normally $250-300 for weekdays and up to $8-900 a night during weekends. My minimum price for dynamic pricing is $110, which is what people see when they search without dates. Obviously some are shocked when they put in the real dates, but it’s not a bait and switch on my part. There isn’t anything I can do about it since the actual rates are so variable.


Actually I’m mistaken, it’s not the minimum dynamic price… I changed my floor price to $190 and now it’s saying my price (without dates) is $130. I’m so lost.


I have the same issue, but not quite as extreme - we start at $375 for two people for off-season “hole” stays (those pesky two-four nights between guests that book longer stays in advance), and go up to $850 per night for six in peak season (Dec-April).

The problem is that people search without dates, see we sleep six, and think they can rent our home for $375 for six people in February. They ask all kinds of questions, wasting my time and theirs, then realize we aren’t dumb enough marketers to give away our home at flophouse rates - and I never hear from them again.


wow. wish i had your problem…lol! I’d love those pesky 2 to 4 night stays. why don’t you state the low season vs high season prices on your listing? maybe you do. I’d rather have some interest than none, though.:joy:


@cmpipe - the rates are posted on the calendar, I believe. The problem is the rate that is shown to guests when they search without dates can be very different from the actual rates due to seasonality and number of people.

And we all know guests don’t read the listing, so I don’t bother putting them in the write up


Yes, some guests have no concept of high vs low season, so it would have to be very basic like…" prices may vary"…lol!

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