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Minimum stay requirement

I would do 20 dollars cleaning fees and reduce rate by 5 dollars.

Basically clients will pay more if it’s less than 4 days, a little less if more then 4 nights.

You can change values if you want to change the 4 days to 2 days or anything else

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Add cleaning fee of $20! reasonable!

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We have a 2 day minimum, and I even put in a 5 day 6 months ahead. And a strict policy.

It works very well, we have a much better occupancy rate, and less work. And long term the weeks get not “destroyed” by 1 night bookings. Now we get a lot of 5 day+ bookings half a year ahead. About 1 month before, I drop it back to a 2 day minimum to fill the gaps.

1 day stays is too much work for a whole appartment. And if you put in a cleaning fee, guests will stay away. We are outside the big tourist locations, people come to us because prices are low.

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But how do you put 2 different minimums. I did not know there was an option.

You can set minimum night requirements for certain peak weekends, holidays, etc. Go to your calendar and in the top right corner there should be something called “availability settings” or something to that effect.

During high peak weekends I would put your whole house rental to a minimum of 4 night stays and not allow these people to hog the 2 nights. Or if let’s say christmas week (Sat. to Sat.) is a prime week then just set those dates as exact dates under the availability setting and it will force guests to alter their dates if they really want to book. You can always, always, remove the restriction or lessen the days required if no one is booking them and the date is coming up close.

But yes, you are correct. I see some of my competitors and all of their weekends are booked for Fri. and Sat. and then empty for the weekdays.

You can play with it too. It is time consuming but is worth it if you want to maximize revenue. If someone books 5 days then you can adjust the rest of the week requirements later on. That’s what I have to do.

Just klick “add another requirement” at the bottom of your availability settings.

Especially for new years I would put in a minumum, it is the peak week of the year. You do not want guests to just book 31st December to 1st January months ahead, making you loose the chance to rent it out for a full week.
You can always dropp the requirement a few days ahead.


we have minimum 3 nights

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Thank you vey much. I had no idea

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I just set a 4 night minimum for Aug/Sept and I’m really hoping I still get as many bookings. The labor and expense of doing 2 loads of laundry every time a guest checks out (usually every 2 days) was just getting to be too much. I made quite a bit of money in May but I’m sure my utilities bill will be through the roof with all that laundry.

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