Milestone: 50 Reviews

I started hosting in August of last year, and had no idea if anyone would even stay at the house given my location in a quiet south Georgia town. I am very fortunate to have found this forum before I started hosting, and I harvested lots of tips and ideas from here before putting up my listing. I just received my 50th review!


I was hoping for all 5 stars, but I had one guest give me five stars on the subcategories and a great written review, but four stars overall and a “difficult to find” feedback. I am not sure why because the house is just a normal address on a normal city street - not hard to find at all, but it is what it is.

I want to thank everybody on this forum who has helped me improve my listing. You are all an absolutely vital part of my success with Airbnb. I know we are all busy hosts and I appreciate the time each of you has taken out of your schedules to help your fellow hosts. I couldn’t have done this without you.


The only thing I can say is a) thank you and b) well done!


Do you care to share, or refer me the relevant post, the tips on listing! I am also in a quiet area and think that I would like to see if I can improve my bookings. Thanks so much.

Wow I just realized you said Aug of last year, that’s 50 reviews in about 7 months. I assume 50 reviews is actually 55-60 reservations. You were busy… and apparently busy impressing your guests.

The best advice I can give is to read through this forum. There are many successful, experienced hosts on here that willingly give of their time and knowledge to help out new hosts. Be willing to listen and learn, and be ready for honest advice.

Also, I think it helps to genuinely care about your guests. I add things to my listing all the time because I think how much my guests will enjoy it, or how useful it will be for them, or how much I would like to find the same things in a place I was staying. I don’t have a new house or a fancy bathroom or modern furniture, but everything is sparkling clean and comfortable and designed to make my guests happy. I like to think my guests can tell I care.


Above all, this nails it!


I stayed in 3 airbnbs on my recent trip. All three were one host, one home. One was a separate space but the hosts live a few steps away. The other two were rooms in the host’s home. What I think really set them apart is that all three clearly cared for their listing and the guests, each in different ways, but all effective. Excellent communication, flexibility with check in times, offers to be helpful in one way or another, superb amenities (things like slippers or starter foods in the fridge or sunscreen and sunglasses). It’s the host, not the room that makes the Airbnb in most of the ones I’ve stayed at.

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oh boy. That “location” rating is a doozy. We are on a farm, so what is a godsend for some (who are seeking peace and quiet), is a pain for others (the ones that want to go out and party). I even have in my qualifying questions – please acknowledge you are staying on a farm and that you understand the pros and cons (which are listed in the description) … blah blah" Shesh

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