Midnight charlady stupid host award!

After all this time you think I would have this figured out! Turns out that “one day advance notice” is any time up to midnight the day before. So guess which host got an IB at 11:30 p.m.? Guess which host was busy scrubbing, vacuuming and wrassling with sheets until 1:00 a.m.? Guess which host had to then get up later that same morning and put in a full day of work at their job? That’s right, me! I’ll have to make it a practice from now on to block the next day if it hasn’t been booked by 5:00 p.m. Oh bother. Feeling stupid (and tired).


I bet you are so tired and sleep well. I have a 12 midday cut off for IBs. And I said else where I was also going to bed but your post looked too interesting to leave.


Is that why they have two days advance notice as an option? I always clean the room ASAP. So if a guest checked out while I was at work I’d clean it when I got home from work and then it would be ready the next day at check in time. That wouldn’t work for you? Or did I misunderstand your post? Also…I love your sense of humor!


Oooh – Can I do the cut off in an automated fashion? Couldn’t quite see that on the app but then again have already admitted to being a bit thick


For me, 1 day notice is exactly 24 hours before checkin time, not midnight. My bomb appears at 3pm the day before.

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:nut_and_bolt:’d by my flex check in policy perhaps? (OK that’s actually a bolt emoji but the closest I could find.) And Karma pitiful as my life is, I do have the rare social event after work ha!

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@dpfromva. Yup. I think that is logical… flex-side-effect.

Sorry to hear this @dpfromva. I do IB and I have a House Rule which says Instant Booking only available when made more than 24 hours in advance. (I change it to 12 if I’m desperate.)

So if someone IBs too late, I can just cancel on the grounds of guest breaking the House Rule. It works quite well. No stress.


When does a person booked 90+% of the time become desperate?


Good question lol. When he’s languishing below 95% :wink:


You can set a time that stops booking for day, or a minimum time between bookings/guests arriving.

This is a constant learning curve isn’t it?
I learn someth8ng new with every guest.


The day you stop learning is the day you die.


Thanks for this! It’s helpful!

Did you know you can now cancel IBs without being penalised?

Yeah, but if the IB goes through without a hitch, it rather contradicts any rule in the listing that states booking not later than 3 p.m. the day prior, or whatever, and I can understand that a guest would be thinking “WTF?” if I cancelled.

I would rather keep my flex check in time (which attracts the business late arrivals and last-minute “hey, let’s drive there Friday night for a mini-vacay” folks), and be vigilant to block the next day if not booked by 5 p.m. Better that guests don’t even see my listing as available than book and get cancelled.

Astaire, I think 24 hours notice could still get me an 11:30 booking the night before with my flex (anytime) check in. Still roaming the Air platform to see if there’s another solution. All tips appreciated.

By the way, I got a blazingly good review from the midnight booker – BF in town and GF planned a little getaway. Potential repeat business there.

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Oh man thats stressful. I always block a whole day before but I have noticed that the app sometimes books the next day? Is that a glitch???

I feel for you - they ups and downs of an airbnb host!!!

I can’t afford to turn anyone down, so as soon as a guest leaves, I clean the room and bathroom and kitchen, set up the bedroom and bathroom for a new guest, then just keep it all as spic and span as possible every day. When I was a kid, all mothers did this all the time anyway, so it’s not as big a deal as it seems even to me, I just have to remind myself of that from time to time. Yes, I live in the house that I rent rooms.

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