Microloans against your future earnings

I am wondering if a micro lending service would be of interest to Airbnb host. It would be more secure than the traditional secure loans as repayment would be automatically deducted from your Airbnb earnings. No need for any traditional checks such as taxes, credit, bank accounts, etc.


This already exists and Airbnb has already partnered with someone to offer it.


Really? What’s the service called? I haven’t seen it.

Kabbage is the company Airbnb partnered with. Other companies have attempted something similar, Payfully is one. I suggest googling your business ideas first.


Thanks for the suggestion, I haven’t thought of that :roll_eyes:.
Kabbage is a micro lending firm, so it may sound similar, but I am talking more of a service that offers an advance on future earnings. Re-payment would automatically withdrawn from earnings.

That’s what Payfully did. It must not have been a good idea because they don’t do it anymore. It doesn’t sound like you googled it, despite my suggestion.

If he can’t be arsed to do his own research before pitching his idea here, what made you think he’d listen to an experienced host?


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What’s with the aggressiveness? I am just asking questions. If you are bothered by them just ignore and move on. Googling is not the same as connecting with fellow hosts. But whatever, despite your rude replies, I thank you for participating in my research.

Your question was regarding thoughts on loans based on future Airbnb earnings. Apparently no one is interested. I kindly pointed you in a direction to find out more but you don’t seem interested in finding out more. Your “connecting with other hosts” seems like a thinly veiled prelude to trying to sell an idea. You aren’t being transparent about your motivation here. We get 4-5 people per day joining this forum to try to sell us something. So some members are wary.

If you are bothered by the replies you asked for, just ignore us and move on.


well bad assumption dude… I have nothing to sell… I am just another superhost… my asking questions around a service that may or may not be a good idea should not automatically make you conclude that I am here to sell anything… but I get it… I get pretty nasty with cold callers as well.

Thanks for the payfully tip… I think they still do it btw.

Is there like a feeding frenzy for money going on? We keep getting these guys.

You aren’t the first to come here and make a first post asking about selling hosts something. It gets old.

Multiple googles sources say they no longer take Airbnb hosts. If you are a professional investor with multiple properties and Airbnb as just one advertising platform you use, then maybe.

If you need money you can check with Clear Banc as well.

Okay Pablo. You’ve asked a question and members here have tried to answer it for you. Maybe it’s time for you to go now, unless you have something interesting to add?

Wow… aggression keeps coming… I’ll leave happily…

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If your motivation was not to sell something (or to gauge interest in something you want to sell in the future), what was it, then?

This is an honest question, BTW.


Simply gauging if this is a service that hosts are still interested in despite the fact that payfully doesn’t provide it anymore. My motivation is simply entrepreneurial. I have a successful Airbnb business and I am always looking for ways to increase my revenue. I would be a prime customer for such a service because I make most of my money in the summer and during the winter, frankly, it’s tight. But so far from the research I have conducted the Airbnb host market doesn’t seem to be big enough for large lenders. Maybe what would work best is a host2host feature, which would actually generate another rev opportunity for hosts.

Brian thanks for the respectful reply. Much appreciated.

Offer a 3-6 month lease for a LTR in the winter. My guess would be that without significant added value or attractions, its hard to get more profit out of an Airbnb because the margin is already tight. The guests and the hosts don’t have much more to give unless you go like an actual resort where people pay for the privileged of going to your destination to pay for more stuff.

I’ve tried vending, offering a full breakfast, offering convenience meals, offering extra amenities like hot tubs, guided tours etc. Guests keep telling me all they care about is the bottom line and they want it cheap. If that stuff won’t entice guests to spend another $3-6 then its not really worth it to put in all the extra effort. Oh I know my guests spend money! I find receipts many times what the room cost. Maybe thats why its hard to get more out of Airbnb, guests see it as a cost center and they just want to minimize that. When you’re dealing with customers like this, for me the margin is pretty narrow so paying high interest on a short term loan would eliminate my profit if it were even 4%.

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One of the reasons traditional lenders don’t want to use Airbnb income in considering loans is because Airbnb income is highly unpredictable, risky and let’s face it, new-ish and misunderstood. Big cities are regulating Airbnb and shutting down listings. A credible allegation of discrimination will get Airbnb to unlist you. Natural disasters, home repairs, personal illness for those who actually host, can interrupt income for months.

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