Miami Booking Issues

Hi guys, I am new to the Miami Market but not new to hosting. I would like to know if anyone is having booking issues? We have a nice new listing but no hits. Let me know what you guys think. I never had issues in the past. Feel free to share if you are have issues like me. I’ll take anything into consideration. Thank you.


You need to label your photos.
The toilet in the middle of the bathroom floor looks odd.
The very loud wallpaper in another is an instant no. It screams at the rest of the neutrals in the house.
How do 5 people share 2 beds?
How does your pricing compare?

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Hi thank you. I believe it’s pretty comparable. Even lower than others. I’m trying to book so I’m going as low on price as possible.

I suggest you get someone to proofread your text.

I think the place looks nice but I would not be willing to pay that much. You’d know your own market, though.

If you were coming to Miami, What would you consider a reasonable price for a home like this? Thank you.

Your photos are all wonky and distort the spaces. Take normal photos from a couple angles for each room. It isn’t necessary to try to get the whole room in one photo if it results in such off-kilter photos.

I’d have to agree with the other poster who said that’s really weird placement for the toilet, right in front of the shower stall. I can’t imagine why anyone would think that was a good design, not to mention it’s not centered on the window. But that’s not something that would keep you from getting bookings.

You should also remove the “no large meetings or parties”. Never use ambiguous wording like that.
" Oh, it’s not a large party, there’s only 20 people here".

You need to say no parties or events and no visitors. And lower your guest count to 4. There’s no need to try to cram 5 people into a 2 bedroom bungalow.

But I couldn’t say why you aren’t getting bookings, other than Florida is perceived as anti-vax, anti-mask territory.
Aside from the weird toilet placement, your place looks nice.

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Yeah it’s an old place so it’s not perfect but honestly the toilet placement isn’t too bad when you are there. It’s a big bathroom so there is a lot of space. It’s not in the way but I understand. I will adjust the no big parties. Some guest just don’t get it. I can make some changes though. Thanks.

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I’m also in South Florida. (No problems with bookings but I’m well-established).

Why do you say that it sleeps 5 when there are only two beds? Both my places have one bed so my max is two - I don’t count the sofa, for example, as a proper sleeping area.

Like @muddy, I found the photographs disconcerting.

It’s hard to know what to suggest without knowing what you’re already doing to attract customers. Let us know - and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

I think your issue is supply and demand. I did an incognito search so it didn’t recognize that I already looked at your listing. Your listing still came up at the top of my results. At around $400 a night and below there were almost 100 listings in your map area. At $300 and below there were 60 listings in your area. My other filters were entire place and 4 adults. I searched for 22-28 Dec. That’s a lot of availability for 10 days from now.


I was trying to offer some family’s a little room for maybe some kids? It really sleeps 4 adults but if they have a couple kids it won’t break the deal. I will adjust it to 4. We will have to work on the pics. Thank you guys.


Yeah I noticed, It’s concerning. I see super hosts who are not booked. Thank you for doing a search. This really helps out.


But if you list for 5, you can’t dictate whether that is 5 adults or 2 adults and their 3 kids, is the problem. There’s nothing to stop 5 adults booking if that’s your stated guest count.

If a prospective guest asks if they can have their kid sleep on the couch or if they could bring an air matress for them, you could then play it by ear and let them know about the 3rd sleeping option. Just don’t advertise it.

Did you host kids in your previous rentals? I never have and to be honest, I find the thought a bit off putting. Kids no but pets, yes. :slight_smile:

Yes you are right, I’ll make that adjustment. BTW I don’t mind kids :laughing:

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I think it looks nice. The toilet placement in the bathroom is weird and almost certainly the result of a remodel, but I don’t see anything there that would make it a deal-breaker. If I was specifically searching for a place for 5 people, it would probably be a deal-breaker, but that wouldn’t affect bookings of 4 or less.

You’ve skewed your data a bit now by posting the link here but were you getting views?
Have you checked the calendars of listings in the area to see if they’re getting bookings?

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I was just speaking with someone in the forum. I noticed that some superhosts in my area are not booked.

Thank you…I swear the toilet is not that bad in person.


I think changing it to 4 will work. You’ll occasionally get guests that ask to bring a 5th and you’ll occasionally get guests that bring a 5th without asking, and you can accept either since you’re already OK with it.

Yeah I changed it over. I agree.

It would seem less weird if that were a solid wall it was next to instead of a glass shower wall.

Yes. It looks like they wanted two sinks more than they wanted an aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Personally I’ve never been a two sinks in the bathroom fan. I guess lots of couples like it but when I’ve been in a partnerhsip we almost never wanted to be in the bathroom at the same time. So one of us went to use the sink in the other bathroom. I’m ready to start seeing that design in upscale homes: two sinks separated by the watercloset and shower in the center and doors leading to sinks that are separate from one another.