Miami Beach issues new fines. Or... Another reason why your landlord doesn't want you using his property to operate an AirBnB!

As if it isn’t bad enough that you’re exposing your landlord to excessive wear and tear, and placing him or her at legal risk if a “Guest” hurts themselves while you participate in the “Sharing Economy” there is now this…

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I can’t say I blame the city. If you do not OWN the property, you should not be renting it out to other people without full disclosure to your neighbors and the actual property owner.


Miami beach bans short term rentals for single family homes - the $20,000 fine was issued for a house that is being sold for 9 million - not quite affordable housing, lol. I totally agree that STRS need to be regulated to protect long term renters but the ban of STR in single family homes is probably more to protect wealthy home owners than out of concern for long term renters.


MIami beach restricted almost the whole MIami beach from STRs. There is only one small area where its allowed. Wow, i know few people who bought appartements there for this purpose only.

Maybe - I’m not arguing - but I know homes are being purchased in my neighborhood and being turned into airbnb properties. This concerns me as a neighbor - it eliminates the chance that any sense of community or relationship will be built within the neighborhood. When people are coming and going and no one is in the house there is always an uncomfortable feeling regarding security. Also, like the unfortunate poster who’s parent’s neighbor was using STR in their single family home, people may be more likely to create a disturbance with noise and parties. (this last one is not an issue in my neighborhood as people that live here already do that - but when they do, the police step in)

Making it a bit sadder is my neighborhood is on the upswing - so we are going from abandoned houses or houses packed with people who don’t speak English or take care of their property - but in the upswing we will gain nicer looking property but not gain any community.

Just my 2 cents.

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Were you hoping they would be replaced with white people who speak English? The way you describe the changes with the ‘upswing’ Perhaps did not come across as you intended as this comes across a xenophobic stereotype & is quite hurtful to immigrants especially if you did not attend it to be so

In my community, the issue with STR’s is where the host does NOT live on the property. I am also against non-owner occupied properties listed for STR’s. I support Airbnb and the sharing economy, but in primary residences. If a property listed on Airbnb is a primary residence, the house is still being used for residential purposes which is for what they are zoned for.

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If immigrants are hurt by this they are doing something wrong.
We got plenty of immigrants, they do not live with 6 people in a 2 room appartment, all try to speak the local language, and like to take care of their property. They also do their best to be a part of the local community.

How is the saying in English? You are searching for splitting hairs?
@dcmoony never mentioned skin color, you conveniently added it trying to start a racism discussion. Where it was very clear that she meant tourists.

Exactly what I mean - houses that are vacant when not rented, houses always filled with strangers that have no investment in the community when it is.


O Emily, don’t even go there. Dcmooney never mentioned skin color.


Yes, I was hoping that, because I speak English. If they speak English, we can talk to each other, help each other, build community. I would prefer that, yes. Does that make me xenophobic? I’m ok with that then.

But you missed all my other words and focused on that one issue. If you knew me you’d realize that two of my children are immigrants and one is still learning English. But why did you assume I was talking about immigrants in my post?

Did you read the first part of what you chose to quote? Houses built for a family of 5 packed with about 30? The property being trashed? So yes, if they move out, I consider it an upswing. A neighborhood that has such properties will be depressed in value. I LOSE MONEY because of these people’s behavior. Now they have moved along and people who take care of their property and make it look nice, and are respectful of their neighbors have moved in. I enjoy having them here, and my property increases in value. Upswing!

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Thank you, @Chris and @Yana. Its a reality that we are to swallow the truth that cultural diversity is always wonderful - and in idea, it is. But past and current history shows that it is HARD to live with. I’m convinced that those who promote the idea so emphatically have never lived in my neighborhood. In the meantime, though, if you don’t find it comfortable living next to such houses it’s somehow shameful to say it. But I am not ashamed. It was hard. It was uncomfortable. I couldn’t get to know them and I never knew who actually lived there since so many were coming and going.

I don’t think she meant tourists. She meant that currently, while the neighborhood is improving, there are people crowded into places, don’t take care of the property and don’t pick up their trash.

Where could I find the information in which areas the Airbnb hosting allowed now?

speak to your local government office and ask them about regulations for the area you are interested in.