Message thread of last AirBnB guest we had DISAPPEARED while staying here; ended up with loss & damage; now can't leave review

I don’t mean to sound harsh but it sounds your getting yourself bogged down in lots of little details. Move on.
Decide your rules up front then stick to them. Don’t go on a case by case situation. Don’t listen to people and their stories. Go by your rules.
I have a simple no kids policy. I don’t diverge. My header says Business Travellers. I’m in a big city. This means I get mainly serious bus people travelling alone. I have a 3 night minimum and at certain times of year it’s a 5 night minimum. No pets. No guests. This works for me. Figure out what works for you and stick to your guns. Don’t worry about the money. The right ones find you once you find your focus point. Nothing works 100% but this attitude will work 98% of the time. Stop worrying about what is happening with someone’s account. Take care of you.


In regard to the age of guests - I have a home share in an old Victorian. I say no children under six because I cannot guarantee that there is no lead paint in our home. In our state that is the magic age at which you have to de-lead a property. Pay attention to anti-discrimination in your state/province, etc. In my state we cannot discriminate against children in LTRs but I have neve seen the rule applied to STRs.

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