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Mentioning my own services via Airbnb messaging


I have 4 airbnb properties and also I have just started a tour service which I’d like to promote when I communicate with guests ie within airbnb messaging I would reference it and would include a link to my website - as information only in case they are interested.
Is that a “no-no” for airbnb? As I can;t clearly see whether it is against the terms of service.
Thanks for any advice / experience!


You won’t be able to send any links via Airbnb messaging until they have actually booked the stay. Then you should be able to send links. I don’t know if that’s a violation of TOS. If it’s not now it may someday be since they are trying to expanding into “experiences.” You could also contact Airbnb and ask about it to be certain.

You can mention in your listing that you do tours but can’t put urls there either.


Don’t do it in the message thread, but do it in a PDF document that you email them. You can create live links in PDFs.

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