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Meet the Company taking on Airbnb—news article


It does say that Houfy will not charge commissions in the link I posted.

You can say I am playing semantics all you want. All I am saying is that it is free to list your property, and guest and owners will not pay listing fees, nor commissions.

However Houfy wishes to monetize in the future by providing optional services, ads, etc…I do not know the answer, and I really don’t care if they make $$$$ by selling Girl Scout cookies.

But they won’t be charging owners annual subs or commissions to be listed on the site.

I believe you’re question is rhetorical, but yeah…I’ll put money on the table.


Bang on the money. Will be putting signs in all my rooms. Save on service fees


BTW - do you get a lot of repeats?


Not really. More of a fly in fly out transit stop. Can’t hurt though and I have had a few who have returned. Have hosted some airport staff pilots ect for multiple stays.


I disagree. If air charges 20 percent more I could list with houfy and charge 10 percent more and pocket it. The guest will still save 10 percent.


That sounds like a possible really good niche group to tap into. And, they probably want to crash and sleep anyway…


Shhhhhhhh keep it quiet :joy:


Not sure if this affects home shares in Australia, but sounds like the Labor Party hopes to eliminate price parity for small hotels who list on the OTAs.


Turnovers are painful though. Majority one nighters. But yes some guests literally sleep for a few hours and bounce. I dodge a lot of the problems holiday rentals get and I’m almost always booked. It is perfect for airs requirements IB ect.


Interesting. I wonder what they consider a small hotel? Small business is one that has a turnover of less than 2 million year I think. I’m a little bit off that ATM :joy:


In addition to leaving the signs in your bedroom, you can also send/text something like this:

“Thank you for choosing to stay at Flyboy’s blah blah. If you ever return to the area, you can save booking fees by booking us directly on Houfy. Please feel free to share this link with your friends and family.”

If you have an in-person conversation with the pilots, tell them to post this in their groups esp. if they have lots of connections with other airline staff.

Of course you’d make something better than what I just threw together… :joy::joy::joy: You’d embed your 3 listings instead of mine that is showing.


This is BRILLIANT … except, to me, the “on Houfy” part. You’ve just nudged them to sign up for YET another website …

I will post a revised version of this in my room ASAP … I encourage direct bookings where I crank out a simple 1-page invoice with a 48-hour payment deadline and at the bottom note ways to pay … Paypal, Venmo, bank transfer, cash, herds of goats, etc.

(Note to self: Remove when staff from AirBNB itself stay … which did happen once … Oh except for @TheInsider when he visits! Send me the dates you want!)


I agree your a genius. I am so doing this!


You may never know who staff are. We aren’t allowed to discuss it (technically) with hosts while using the platform personally.

Fun fact: I made a new account that isn’t related to the very small amount of hosting I do so I can see what guests experience as a new user is (yes it’s not allowed but not enforced either for two accounts) and I’ve been CBA twice now for host not being comfortable with booking. Mind you I’m a local, technically a new user, no reviews, and a 250lb 6’2, shaved head, tattooed, biker looking type lmao. I’m going back to my normal account now hahaha.


I think that is utter BS and I for one am very happy to see Airbnb take steps to stop that. As I posted in another thread I had someone with a weird picture and the name Invisible Vengeance Visits book and say they were bringing two rabbits with them. I thought it was a joke but I carried on like it was a real booking and (at least so far) it is.


They explicitly say they will be charging something eventually, “once we start charging for certain services within our site…And this has nothing to do with personal financial gain or selling Houfy out to some other company… Houfy is not for sale.”

They say it isn’t for sale and but on another page they say “This promise shall permanently remain in our corporate terms and conditions for site use, today and into the future through any merger or acquisition.”

The question shouldn’t really be about how they will eventually make money but if the costs will be worthwhile to the people using it. People signing up for it need to realize it’s not going to do any marketing for you. You won’t get bookings via the site at all if you don’t do promoting of your own. It’s a place to which you direct people using your own marketing.



There are much better book direct posters, etc. people are using. I might post some later and you are free to use them.

Yes, in my example I have encouraged the guest to book directly on Houfy. Just because it is another website, doesn’t make that a bad thing. The guest in essence is “booking direct” and leaving out the middleman, saving money, etc.

They can currenlty book me direct on my own website, Houfy, or a few other places. No need to hold dates by giving guests a 48 deadline, and miss out on other bookings. If you are on Houfy, the guest can book when ready and your calendars sync with other sites. PayPal and other options are coming in addition to already being integrated with Square and Stripe right now.

The guest does not need to pay on Houfy at all. They can book your place, and then you just send the guest your regular PayPal invoice outside of the platorm. When PayPal or Venmo is integrated into the platform, the guest can pay in one fell swoop.

Houfy provides a place where your guest can check out your calendar availability, and if let’s say my repeat guest books me on Houfy next time and saved booking fees, why not use the site again?

The idea of educating guests to book directly is to seek out avenues to book directly, not necessarily only having them book with you only.


Well, maybe back in the day they were allowed to let “slip” that they worked for Air … because one guest let me know that she was a customer experience engineer or whatever it is they have as a title for software engineers.


Oh I disclose it to my host if they are around, it’s just not policy lol


I still don’t see how it isn’t easy and better to have them book direct than book “through” Houfy esp. if Houfy is so hands-off.

Also, esp. older guests in some cases are entirely disinclined to keep adding umpteen websites to book STRs.

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