Mean while in London

Can you imagine

I cannot. How in the world they fit 200 people in a one bedroom flat, no.

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Was this the party one of the forum members posted about the other day in his flat? He is in London




I’m just waiting for ‘party smasher’ to post another helpful response, cops are usually best at smashing parties, not black boxes IMHO

Is it responsible for the owner to travel to another country and not have anyone to watch their Airbnb? Many other owners I know that are out-of-town will always have a contact close to their property that’s able to respond to problems such as these (though this is much worse that I’ve heard of).

It’s these kind of events that hurt our industry in the media, make neighbors unhappy, and lead to regulations that allow the owner to only rent a portion of their home!

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Maybe they did but they lived on the other side of London or something. I’m not sure what they could have done anyway - call the police?

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Another interesting article on London

Interesting. They focus on Airbnb then casually mention there are multiple platforms available for short term rentals which they don’t mention by name. Thank you for sharing.

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It’s interesting eh

the blanked out shadow woman seemed a bit anxious, and I feel she would be anxious about any neighbours, long term or not. “No feeling of security”, she has my utmost symps, but she may be the type who would feel insecure in London per se. Would she be ok if the only Airb house was 3 doors away, or end of street?

Agreed. I’ve had some pretty shady, annoying neighbours in my years, that never go, at least with Airbnb she has the chance of getting a better visitor in a couple of days time :joy:

The statistical analysis was very poor and totally deceptive too. They did not declare that many ‘multi-listings’ they identified would clearly be different rooms in the same house where a host lives and the whole house listed for times it is available when the host is away. Even the MP didn’t object to such listings. Oh right, your numbers wouldn’t look so dramatic then heh? Surely this is a breach of journalistic standards in the U.K. as the ‘technical editor’ who hosted the story would know this.