May 15th Host Cancellation. Can guests cancel too?

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I’ve noticed that Hosts have the option to cancel guests until 15 May. When I heard Brian Chesky talk some time ago I thought he said that guests would be able to cancel as well. I can’t see anything on the Airbnb website about guests being able to cancel and haven’t received any sort of cancellation from guests under this.

I’m just wondering if I’m right and that only hosts can cancel the bookings under this option. I’m just checking in case I’ve missed something. I’m trying to figure out what to do with my property. I don’t want to be blindsided by a bunch of guest cancellations at the last minute on the 15th.


Kind of sort of. This is all for stays booked by March 14: Only hosts can cancel any guest for stays through the end of 2020. Guests can only cancel stays that start by June 15.

Hosts have to do all their cancelling by May 15. Guests have until “before check-in” for stays until June 15.

They have extended the date (June 15) for guests several times and there is expectation that they may change it again, but it’s hard to tell with most places opening up by then. The date for hosts was initially April 30 and then extended to May 15 but is unlikely to be extended again.

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I think the hosts can only cancel bookings that were made prior to a certain date. I think March 15th. I have 1 booking in October that someone made on March 16th which they are not giving me the option of cancelling penalty free.