Markets with 90 day limits

My daughter will be traveling to London and Paris in July and she is looking for accommodation through Airbnb. As she wants to be in the tourist areas, I was wondering how the restrictions work. Once you have 90 days bookings is that it? If you are on other platforms, are you cross referenced? Who tracks it?
I am recommending that she books now as I feel the 90 days will fill rapidly.

maybe i read ur message wrong - but 90 days is for hosts - guests have no such restrictions. things are changing too in france - Macron is looking to reviewing the laws.

Hi @Debthecat

I would always advise with Airbnb that the earlier you book the more likely you are to get a good location and a reasonable price.

Hard to comment when you say she wants to be in a ‘tourist’ area - all of central London and central Paris is a ‘tourist’ area.

It really depends what she wants to do, what she wants to be near and her budget.

Happy to recommend areas if she can be a bit more specific.

She’s afraid hosts will be booked with their 90 days filled and her daughter won’t have as many places to choose from.

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90 Day limit in SF is 90 nights of STR, which is defined as any stay under 30 days, so if someone stayed 90 consecutive nights that would not count against your 90 STR night total.