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Marketing to Chinese tourists


I can’t believe I forgot to mention shopping!

Many Chinese tourists will save money by cooking instead of eating in restaurants and might stay in cheaper places so they can spend more of their vacation budget on shopping. It is very important to them to bring back gifts for their friends and family. It has to do with social status and “Face.”

So, one way to market to them would be to highlight shopping venues near your place.

Could be outlet malls, or a nearby shop that sells some unique, local souvenir.

One stereotype is that they fill their suitcases with instant noodles, so they can eat something familiar and save money on food during the trip.

Of course it doesn’t apply to all tourists coming from a country with a population of 1.4 billion, but there is some truth in it.

You might even stock the kitchen with some instant noodles.


Do Chinese tourists cook often? The young guests I’ve hosted generally all eat takeouts . Only the students I’ve seen cook to save on meals. I don’t really like guests who cook, but Australia is a pretty expensive country for takeouts so I can really empathize.


Older people like to cook. We had one group that cooked constantly and took up two fridges with tons of food, lol. The younger ones tend to go out more.


Here in Wales we’ve had a few booking s for Chinese guests. We have guest rooms in our own house. My Observations

All bookings have been for 3 people. In China No 3 is considered lucky. Coincidence ? i Don’t know.

They absolutely like to cook. Beware of the “can I use the microwave” question. It can end up as a major cook-up with all the relevant smells etc. Decide for yourself if you’re ok with this. I’m not.

If you have a nice bath they will use it, and every available towel

They have all been great nice people, but just a different culture.

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