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Market research

i`m student make this research related to my degree its only 4 multi choice question and 1 write a word i promise it take less than 1 minute i promise
literally my life in your hand in this survey
please help me to pass


I personally don’t understand the questions sorry!

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Sorry Ahmed, you may have the vocabulary but you lose out in sentence structure. Your questions are almost pure gibberish (and I’m being kind).

You need to find someone who has a good command of the English language, explain what you want and have them reword your questions so they are understood. Good luck.

Yeah I don’t understand any of it.

i re fine it please check it

i re fine it please check it .

i refine it please check it .

i refine it please check it

i refine it please check it now

i re fine it please check it now , sorry

You need to have someone help you with English. It is not understandable. Sorry.

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The sentences don’t make much sense. You can ask someone with more fluency in English to help you edit it.

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