March Host News - keeping super host

In case you didn’t see the Airbnb March Host News…

Key takeaways:

In other words, because travel down, a minimum number of visits is not required

Work from home listings popular

I can understand “pet friendly” being important. I too like to travel with my dogs.

My HOA prohibits renters having pets so I cannot offer it. Looks like pet friendly is a great differentiator.

It definitely seemed that more people had pets with them during the pandemic. But I also only host part of the year. I hope that’s a thing that will keep be in the game when I reopen. Also all those reviews. Even with most the year off I still have a lot for someone with only one listing.

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I had missed this news, so thanks for sharing. We are still closed and may open in June and I thought we’d lose Superho status, but good to know we won’t.

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