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Many people don't like ABB

This showed up in my newsfeed…the comments are interesting.

They are taking to social media to counteract the negative press on the recent highly publicized discrimination cases?

Looks like it? Some of the responses however are shocking, so full of hate and anger.

Most comments on fb are hateful, on any topic but pictures of kitties.


Many people don’t like Facebook :slight_smile:


Oh, hell YES. Their social media interactions are ALL about damage control and have been for quite a while now. Nothing new there. Every post garners a loooong line of complains. Mine included, in the past! But Airbnb has tricky language in their TOS about damaging the brand and I had to dial it back. Complaints are often specific to a booking, which as we all know is not Airbnb’s fault per se, but there is always a LOT of anger and bile about what Airbnb is doing to affordable housing and the fabric of communities. Serious stuff.

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This is I don’t participate on any forum using my Air name or listing.

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