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Making vacation rental operation easier

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum.

I have been a host for 2 years now and I would like to have your feedback on the top 3 things you wish were easier to manage when it comes to operating your vacation rental. I am not referring to bookings and calendar synchronization, more what happen after you have secured a booking and your guest is scheduled to arrive.

For example, for me it’s:

  1. Pre-check in communications
  2. Cleaning scheduling
  3. Keeping up with the inventory (what’s not clean, broken, needs to be replace)

Over to you,

I appreciate your answers

Do you use any apps to manage this stuff? I’ve been playing with a few new ones.

Hi John_Haynes, thanks for your reply.

I am not currently using any apps, but I would be interested in having feedback on the apps you use.

So what’s your top 3 ?

Well, I’m new to hosting, but here are two:

Pearlshare - I made some lists of recommendations for nearby restaurants and cafes that I know are really good. My first guests loved it.

infltr - helps make my pictures pretty - great for making your place look good on your listing if you’re not a professional.

@John_Haynes - interested about Pearlshare. Can’t you just make these recommendations using the “Guidebook” feature on Airbnb? Obviously, I’m a big fan of third-party solution that do things that Airbnb tries to do but better (like Beyond Pricing), but curious about what you love about Pearlshare vs. the Airbnb option.

@Stella - for cleaning apps, check out: www.getproperly.com


Thanks @ianmchenry, I’ll check the app.

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Sorry for my techno-lack, but, it looks like pearlshare is something the guest would use, not the host?

We have windows phones so it’s not available to me as far as I can tell - but could I suggest it to guests?

@ianmchenry - so the guidebook is ok, but I have to lump all my stuff together. What I like is the fact I can have a few different collections for different things.

When a guest says “Where can I go for coffee” I can give them a few options, like this: http://www.pearlshare.com/collections/207

You can also search other people’s collections, which is very useful when looking for cool stuff to do in London (always stealing other people’s stuff). I don’t know, maybe I just like making lists of things!

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@dcmooney Yeah, they can (and have!), but it’s better when you know someone who knows the area - that’s where I step in!! :smiley:

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the recommendations I send through. Might not be for everyone. Where are you based? I can send you something from nearby if they have some.

What sources do you use to keep up with market trends?

Hi @stella I’ve been using

Hostfully & Orbirental

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