Making it cheaper for solo travellers

We got a lot of solo travellers just needing a place overnight, and as we have 2 king singles, it is financially better for us to have single guests, then what 2 costs us.

So, to this end, we have changed our listing to one person, but the room has a capacity for 2, and an extra guest can be added.

When you book of course it says ‘1 guest’ so that needs to be changed to 2…easily done, and if they did a search for 2 it would happen automatically.

But, of course, we constantly get 2 people attempt to make reservations with just one person.

Is there a way to resend a request back without declining for 2? Is it worth offering a lower price for one?

I think offering 40 for a single and 55-60 for 2 is fair and I like to know when I’m travelling by myself, I’m not paying the same as double the amount of people.

Please help :triumph:

When I let my double room my rate for 2 people was not quite double what it was for one person. In my opinion 2 people use twice as many showers/ towels, increase the cleaning, make loads more noise, use the kitchen/breakfast more and generally take over the place more. Now I do 2 small single rooms. I like the market.

Don’t discount for one. Just keep the rate you have. If a single traveler wants to book, consider the lessened work a bonus for you.


I tried to do this too but in the end I went back to 2 people with the third person as an extra fee. It seemed to bother the single guest bookings when you had to add a second guest when they didn’t put in 2 guests in the beginning. I also had a guest very angry with me last winter when she wanted her niece to stay a few nights and found out it was more money.

She was out of order, of course it was going to be more money.

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Ha! I tried this, too, with the same result - two people booked, anyway. I went back to accepting 2 guests.

We rate our room for two guests and consider it a gift when we get a single traveler who is very easy on the place. Sometimes we refund our easy travelers a little bit and say, “Thanks for being such a great guest. Please enjoy a glass of wine on us.” This helps with repeat guests who are great with word of mouth advertising.