Makeup stained towels- am I being petty lol

I’ve recently had a guest who stayed for 6 weeks. I changed her linen every week but every week there were stains on everything that I just couldn’t get out. I have never been beaten like this before. In the end, I just rotated the same 2 sets of bed linen and towels and have had to chuck them out now she has gone. I don’t know what the stains were - a mixture of muddy dog paws, lipstick, felt pen, foundation and mascara. It was totally bizarre.

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I changed all of my face cloths to dark gray then I don’t even worry about it

Its not petty, its disrespectful and self indulgent. Just write it off as the cost of doing business. Its interesting some people are polite and respectful, strip down the bed, others are pigs, they leave stains, they are like adult children, ruin towels and bedding. But if you are going to airbnb have to take the rough with the smooth.

I buy 20 handtowels for $20 and throw them out as they get stained.

If bedding is stained I charge for that.

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We went the opposite way, when we started out we bought crisp white EVERYTHING. Three months in we realize our mistake, we were replacing sheets at an alarming rate, our home has 5 bedrooms and sleeps 13, this simply wasn’t going to work. Fortunately for us ours is a lake cabin in the woods, so burgundy, brown and Hunter green work. I no longer have white or pastel anywhere in the home. Our first weekend we lost a set of sheets to a female mishap, and the next stay it looked like they cleaned the driveway with a towel. (Probably took it down to the lake) we never Charge for that sort of stuff, only thing we have charged for was chewed rug and bed post (dog) and a raging party mess (only one in 3 years) we now have cameras prominently mentioned in our listing.


Replacing the items is potentially a tax deduction also ?? Depends on the country I guess.

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I think @jaquo would argue they could have been cleaned no matter how much blood was on them!’

This thread touches on blood stains too


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The mere comparison of grown adults to children makes your argument redundant.

No, you are excusing poor guest behavior

Posts like yours and Muddy previously convinced me that it was okay for guests to stain your sheets and towels with blood, makeup etc

That is was okay for guests to damage your equipment, back up your toilet and sinks, with items that should not be in there

That it was okay for guests to bring unaccounted friends to sleep at your property

That it was okay for guests to damage your doors, walls and floors because it’s the ‘cost of doing business’…

Nonsense! You are used to crappy guests. These guests don’t respect you or your property and you are excusing bad behavior

Good guests do not act this way. You need to raise your standards


Feel better now you’ve got all that off your chest?

That really made me chuckle, especially as it came from someone who has regularly posted on here in relation to the issues they have had with guests :rofl:

In your short hosting career you’ve had parties, smokers, property damage, extra non paying guests and one who had the temerity to accidentally break a key.

It makes my few broken wine glasses and plates over nearly four years look pretty good. Add in the fact that twice, with broken wine glasses, the guests left a note and cash to replace them, enough to actually buy a six pack from IKEA on both occasions. Looking even better, eh?

Your rant really does sound like a bit of deflection as, in fact, it is you who has the “crappy” guests, not me, not @muddy and not the majority of posters in this topic.

So, I’d suggest firstly that you take some of your own advice and raise your standards and secondly, if you decide to have another targeted rant, actually read what folks post before hitting the go button.



Get you facts straight.

I have never stated that a guest broke a key.

The guest actually inserted a similar looking yale key into the lock and this is why they struggled to wiggle it free. Completely their error.

I witnessed them struggling with the door on my doorbell cam and assumed their was an issue with the key i provided them.

However, as this forum is so heavily biased in favour of guests, the advice would have called for me to pay a locksmith to remove the key. Ridiculous!

All because ‘this is the cost of doing business’ looool.

My very first guest hosted a party! Big deal! It was a fantastic learning curve and the adjustment i made must be working as i haven’t had a party since…

It’s amazing what a few cameras can do lmao

And as for the incident with the unaccounted guest, you will be pleased to know that they forfeited their deposit and were reported for misconduct. This occurred on BDC, a platform where i cannot vet potential guests and have to accept booking without question.

Nevertheless, had i listened to the sentiments on here, i would have let this incident go because ‘it’s the cost of doing business’… Bull!

And in between and since these incidents i have had nothing but brilliant guests.

Great guests respect your home and house rules. Those that do not should not be excused because ‘it’s the cost of doing business’

Once again, raise your standards and stop excusing poor behaviour

Have a good day:)

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You are really completely off target. The majority of hosts here (at least the ones who post) don’t excuse poor guest behavior. We also don’t excuse poor host behavior.
So we have high standards all around and don’t look to displace blame onto others.


I supply my guest with Brown and Black face towels set up nicely on the vanity table. They sit beside the cotton balls and swabs. Attached is a sweet note informing them of their use. I also suggest them to be used as sweat towels.

Ok but what do,you do when it rains?Also I found line drying makes the laundry stiff,the dryer also takes the wrinkles out. Line drying is labor intensive too,takes time to pin up and take down.Also when you line dry you can get spider webs and spiders on clothing…

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Lol, I do not leave it out long enough to get bugs on it. I live in a dry climate and for most of the year the laundry drys faster on the line than the dryer.

It is worth it for me, I get to look for spots before they are set into stains, I spend less on energy and the stuff lasts longer.

It makes it authentic.



Well, I’ve never experienced any of those dilemmas. I live in Mexico- there is a dry season and a rainy season. The rainy season is also super hot and humid, so it’s not tourist season here and I almost get no bookings then. And it doesn’t rain every day, even then.

But anyway, clothes drying racks can be set up inside if rain is an ussue.

No, my laundry doesn’t end up stiff, one of my guests even asked how I keep my towels so soft.

Never had spiders or spiderwebs on it, and insects are rampant here. And if there was a spider on it, I’d just brush it off.

I have a pulley line. It takes a few minutes to hang up and take down.

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Likely because you have higher humidity than I do. If I pull the towels off soon enough, just a tad damp the towels are softer, and they still dry in my climate.

I have never had anyone complain about stiff towels. They are clean and smell fresh. I have two cabins so often one guest will see the laundry on the line from the other cabin. They get it.


Yes, even in the dry season here, there is still a lot of humidity in the air compared to many places. And the longer things get left on the line after they are dry, that could make them stiffer, I guess.

I stayed in one hotel that had a little sign that said if you stain a towel you will be charged $35. Then they provided a dark towel for you to use to take your makeup off with. I think people like to take their makeup off with white towels because then they know if they’re getting the make up off they don’t know if it’s on a dark towel they want to be able to see how much they’re getting off so what I do is I provide dark gray face cloths but also ponds disposable make up towels which they are encouraged to use

Bleach safe/stain free face towels. Amazon. Done and done. Salons use these. 2.5 years no problems since purchasing these.

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Totally different! If I had a guest ruin towels with hair dye, vomit or other activity that really doesn’t belong at an Airbnb I would absolutely charge a guest for those damages, I once charged a guest for repaint of a vanity, as they dyed their hair and it got all over the front of a painted vanity, it had to be primed and repainted twice to cover it. But most people are expected to wash their face while staying… but only an idiot would decide that dying their hair at an Airbnb is a great idea. But everyone gets “that guest” if you do this long enough. Entitlement, and the idea that if they pay your room rate they should e able to do whatever the year want.