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Maintenence in the Airbnb in the interim

The author used a toothbrush :joy: I would recommend a proper scrub brush. Ergonomics and such. And 20 volume peroxide from the beauty supply is the best whitener. I use it on stains since I never use it on my hair anymore. :wink:



The only thing I used it on is yellowed plastics. Mixed results if anyone cares to know.

Well, peroxide wouldn’t work at all on colored grout- it’ll bleach out the color. Very odd that that article used a photo of a bathtub surround that has black grout. A scrub brush and a solution of muriatic acid works great. You just have to make sure to rinse it off with water as you go along, as if left, it will start to eat through the grout.

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One of my panic buys last week, together with hair colour. I went to my hairdresser and asked her what she uses, shot up the road to the wholesaler and came out with a six month supply for £80. Bargain; I’ve saved a bomb, although Mr Joan will have to help apply.

I would have a nervous breakdown if my sparkly bits began to obviously show.

PS: I count this as maintenance. Personal maintenance.

Such vanity…

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I shaved my head yesterday. I’ve definitely got some spots in the back that need work. I like it and may stay this way the rest of my life. The irony of never having been especially attractive/talented/athletic in my youth is that I’ve lost nothing as I’ve aged. I notice aging has been harder on my friends who had more to lose.


My hats off to ‘Mr Joan’ … which does sound like the name of a hairstylist. :grin:

I’m right there with you. :shushing_face:

Haven’t had a haircut in 8 weeks. I’ve contemplated letting it grow or just shaving it off.

  • I haven’t had a shaved head since I was 3 years old.
  • the only time in my life that I’ve had long(ish) hair (and a beard) was when I was a college student in Rome for a semester.

I don’t think I have the nerve to shave it off so for now it’s a ritorno a roma :it:


You mean after stuffing my face and playing endless Scrabble? (fortunately I can no longer drink😉)

Seriously, though, those are healthy distractions

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I trimmed my hair out in the yard the other day. I’m very lazy with my hair only go somewhere for a real haircut about once a year so I’m not sure I’ll notice the difference for awhile.


suddenly the Flowbee is a hot commodity

EDIT: OMG who knew this thing is made in Kerrville. That’s the nearest sizeable city to our VR lmao leave it to a homeboy … :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Go for it; swiftly!


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Sounds about right. I went to 8th and 9th grade in Kerrville. :smirk:

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