Mad about Superhost bonus

I’m so annoyed at Airbnb! I was given the annual Superhost bonus - photography or a $100 travel coupon. I chose the former. Days later I was told there was no photographer in the area. Fine, I said, please give me the $100 travel bonus. Several phone calls back and forth ensued. Two of the people I spoke to may have had some difficulties understanding English (or my English anyway). So, finally a guy just called me and said, Sorry but there is no photographer and they have no way of giving me the alternative bonus. This is ridiculous. They are so good with technology - for the most part - and they can’t figure this out? It’s not my fault there is no photographer! Any suggestions for how to appeal this? I’ve spent at least two hours on the phone so far.

@Rachael52 I have heard that the “help” folks on Airbnb Twitter are much better than the ones that you call. Twitter your issue. They also have a Facebook page. Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and admit that we lost. You may have to give up.

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