LTR utility charges - guest refusing

We rent our home for minimum one month. We have always told the guests upfront that utility charges are their responsibility. Our last guest just checked out and is ‘surprised’ by the additional charges (we explicitly outlined to them and she accepted before booking). She is now trying to negotiate out of paying the fixed delivery charges associated with the utility bill. The delivery charges are pretty high and she believes she shouldnt have to pay for the fixed delivery charge and only the actual usage part. We have never had issues with other guests about paying for the entire bill (delivery charge included). Do you think Airbnb will agree with us (pay full bill) or the guest (pay partial bill)?

I could be wrong, but I think she should only pay for actual usage and not delivery since you need it to be delivered each month, regardless if the home is rented or not.


If it’s explicit and in the house rules then Airbnb will back you up. If it’s not in the house rules then I don’t think they will. What other guests did or didn’t do isn’t relevant.

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BTW, when you joined Airbnb and listed your LTR with them, you accepted their polices. I bet you will be surprised by what some of them are. :wink:

Since you rent for a minimum of one month and the delivery charges are fixed, it makes sense to include the delivery charges in your rental rate. Just divide the fixed delivery charge by 30 and add that to the nightly rate.

BTW, I assume rental periods never align perfectly with the billing cycle. Do you pro-rate the delivery charge and use actual daily usage data to determine what to charge the guest?