Loyalty program for Airbnb hosts

This was my first thought. Who’s in charge of the piggy bank? :slight_smile:

Could I ask what you’ve decided?

I’ve been thinking of what “Experience” I could dream up for the adventurous guest. Just for fun, what sort of Airbnb Experience do you see yourself leading?

Gosh… I would take them to a hard to get to white sand beach here. Incredible hike and gorgeous gem that waits at the end. Would take them to the unseen parts of the volcano park. Maybe to the spooky ancient temple where human sacrifice was once done. Perhaps I’d take them paddling. Would do a few of the things that we show to visitors.

But would never ever do an Experience Not enough money to pay me to do experiences, plus Air takes a huge chunk.

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That sounds like something you could even arrange on your own. Do your own advertising. Air does take quite a chunk I believe, but if you put the price up enough to offset it, it may be worthwhile.

@J_Wang We’re not planning to do anything for now :slight_smile:
@Zandra Thanks. Yes, you’re right - there are too many things to fix/adapt to make it more attractive to hosts and guests.

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