Low payout, no response

My monthly payout on one of my rooms was $137 instead of $398. I emailed response@airbnb to ask why. Their response was a canned email telling me to look at the Help pages. The Help is not going to know why they shorted me so much in an ongoing month by month rental that was never short before, and the guest isn’t leaving early.

What to do?

I called and eventually got an explanation. Thanks.

Give them a call. The number’s on the pinned Contact thread.

@reader99–do you mind sharing why AIRBNB’s payout was shorted?

The guest had extended his stay, on a date other than the beginning of his month. The payout was for the few days between the day he extended and what had been his starting date. I realized that at the same time the rep was figuring it out.

Glad it was all ok. Characters to make min post of 20

Glad it worked out. I have found that occasionally (roughly 10% of) payments get stuck in Airbnb’s “future transactions” which require a call to their customer support team to actually push it through. So be aware of that in the future too.