Lots of requests from "new" and 0 reviews guests. Feeling like it's a flag

Over the past couple of months, aside from all the pet requests when my listing not only says “no pets,” but also has a picture of my cat, I find I’m getting a ton of requests from people who have “verified” accounts but “joined” in January or December and have zero reviews. Since I don’t do IB (because I want to make sure they read my house rules and because of the no pets/no kids policies), I can initiate a conversation with them.

I now have 2 bookings for the next 2 weeks and neither couple has a review and both accounts are new. I’m a bit concerned that they may have had negative reviews. Anyone have any experience with this? There have been too many for 3 months now.

Most of our people have been new to ABB. So much so that I am glad I didn’t limit to not accepting new guests.

Sometimes I find it a little concerning but that is usually based on their message, or lack of one. If someone takes the time tell me who they are, etc, I’m more at ease, than with the people that reserve saying “Hi” or “8pm”. Although… My worst guest ever was the most friendly guy ever. Until he wasn’t. Aigh.

My absolute best guest ever was a complete newbie and we are now friends and she is a repeat guest.


I’m new at this and my recent guests were new to Airbnb also. They were lovely and respectful.


I don’t limit not accepting newbies - one of my best guests ever was new and was closing on a house down the street. We’re now friends! I agree, the message or lack thereof can be a good indicator. I have a “thank you for your request, just making sure you read the entire listing so this will be a success for both of us,” message that I send to feel them out. One guy wanted to oil paint in my home!! And went ballistic when I asked him about a negative review from another single woman whose room he’d rented just a few months prior.


Honestly having no reviews doesn’t bother me as much as those who try and book and live in the city. I have several listings and honestly I don’t post a review for every single guest I always leave a review if there is an issue that another host should be aware of.


It’s just been weird how many requests are from people who joined in the last month and have zero reviews. All of them have been that way. Airbnb has been around for a long time, so I expect more with reviews. I feel your pain on the locals looking to book my room. One guy wanted to throw his girlfriend’s 21st birthday party in my home. “She really wants a pool party.” Yeah, not happening.


I didn’t mean it to sound as if I was implying you did :wink: just that I considered it and am glad I didn’t go that route.

I like that and I’ve done that twice, to mention the shared driveway and promixity of the neighbors. I was relieved when those guests didn’t book. Whew.


I get about 50% newbies and I was assuming that it’s because Airbnb is becoming more mainstream with lots of new people joining.
I agree about the initial message from guests being a clue although I have had one guest who was really sweet and friendly and left the place like a pit heap! I also got a family who had two excellent reviews but who let their muddy dog romp over the beds and left me finding new marks for a couple of weeks.
I just cross my fingers:)

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I get messages from first timers every day of the week and 99% of them are fine.


Just got this one now as was typing my previous message, you have to be happy with this intro:

Hey there!! First time using Airbnb myself and I’ve planned a weekend getaway for my partner and myself slightly away from the city and I feel as though your amazing space looks perfect! It’ll be just myself and my partner, looking to come early afternoon so probably around the general check-in time. We’re not the noisy type as we prefer to keep things low-key and we have the utmost respect for others and their property/privacy. Looking forward to hearing back and seeing your stunning property in person :slight_smile:


We have lots of locals staying as they are treating themselves to a break close to home in a place that I presume is better than their home.

If I limited my guests to only those who have stayed in an Airbnb before and had a review I would be empty quite often. I just take a bit more time with newbies to make sure that they read the rules and if they are doing something wrong, I quickly bring them up to speed on what is and is not ok.

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I can only do AIRBNB in the summer per local ordinance… but like you I was very concerned last summer my the new, 0 review brand new accounts, but, I have had enough poor experiences with people that had plenty of reviews & been with AIR for several years to know that there is no guarantee. This is why I VERY rarely allow self check-in. I did have 2 bad experiences last summer with 1st timers, both were with guests over 53 years old, so even mature people who look to be responsible can’t be guaranteed to be responsible guests…


Exactly! Stereotypes don’t work with individuals and we host individuals. A lot of hosts think they have some sort of magic powers of discernment though.


Haha, nope! To mimic my post in another message, one thing I’ve learned is my intuition sucks.


It’s been fonking COLD everywhere here in the States except parts of California and Florida and maybe southern Arizona. People are joining Air to get way from the cold to someplace reasonably warm. Seems about right to me…


I’ve had a flurry of requests this weekend. Maybe people have paid off (haha) the holidays and are now trying to plan their next escapes. I was just coasting on summer reservations, but after this weekend, I’m booked up. And all but one or two groups are newbies

I don’t do IB so I can have a conversation about their needs and my cat (Bengal, insists on greeting guests) to make sure there aren’t any issues for them. It has been cold in FL too!! I’m not saying that 0 reviews or tons of reviews say anything about the guests, I message every guest in advance of accepting, so that isn’t the issue. I had thought that Airbnb was so mainstream now that getting only newbie requests was odd. PLUS many hosts have discussed the fact that guests who have been banned or had their accounts closed were opening new accounts with new emails and then creating havoc again. I am wondering if that’s been common. If air goes all IB, I won’t continue. I like knowing what the guests are looking for and what they need and being able to leave an appropriate welcome card and small gift (usually chocolates).

I have 7 reservations right now, 2 have no reviews, 3 have 1 review, 2 have multiple reviews.

Only 71% of Americans have heard of Airbnb and only 27% would definitely book one. We have a long way to go.

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I remembered reading this thread during my lurking days and I came and found it to add this anecdote:

To date most of my guests across two platforms have had zero reviews and only a couple have had one or two 5-stars. Just hosted someone who had shy of a dozen glowing five star reviews and gave no red flags at all. He has more 5-star reviews than I have on this platform.

I’ve got my succinct and factual review of this guest drafted and saved and I’m going to be waiting to post it for a bit. It’s going to be my first-ever thumbs down.

They did not leave the house in fantastic shape and treat it respectfully as other hosts wrote in their reviews, to say the very least. Nobody could have seen this coming from their glowing reviews.

I can’t help but wonder how many of you weren’t happy with him when he stayed but just didn’t bother letting me know. eyes the room suspiciously (grin)