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Lots of condoms found - should I cancel?

I have a guest who booked my entire apartment for 5 nights. It’s the second day she and her boyfriend have been there, she told me there was a dead bulb and asked if I could bring a new one.
I asked if it would be ok if I came even if she was t around to which she agreed. Upon entering the apartment I noticed it was quite messy, dishes piled in sink, food everywhere and their stuff thrown around all over the place. This didn’t bother me that much considering people have different standards of cleanliness however when I looked over at the bed there was a stack of maybe 10 magnum conforms, lube and a vibrator. On the floor was a trashbag with six used condom! Am I being prude or is that a lot of sex for two nights?!
I’m having nightmares of sex parties or my apartment being used to turn tricks.

I’m pretty uncomfortable with the situation, but I’m wondering how other hosts would handle the situation.
Should I let sleeping dogs lie or should I give in to my discomfort and cancel?

I wouldn’t ever judge what is a “normal” amount of sex for someone else to have. I definitely wouldn’t cancel a guests’ stay for having “too much” sex. They are having a good time; sex is healthy and fun. More power to them. Also, I can’t imagine that Airbnb would consider the guests having sex more than you think is appropriate a justified reason to cancel the stay. I assume that you would be subject to all the penalties they mete out to hosts who cancel without good reason.


AirBnB: "Why do you want to cancel?"
Host: "My guests have more (safe) sex than I think is normal."
AirBnB:"Do you have a limit on how many times they are allowed to have sex in your houserules?"
Host: “…”


Really, 6 times in 2 days? There were times I did that in 24 hours… only left the hotelroom to get some food and water.


Concern yourself with the number of people who arrive. If more than the booked number of people arrive, then there is a problem. Otherwise, it isn’t really your concern unless damage is being done.


If you suspect guests are bringing extra people or it is being turned over for sex parties, install some security cameras at your front door.


Oh my goodness, is this a genuine question? Three times a day is ‘a lot’? You’re renting out an apartment. It’s none of our business what our guests do in there as long as it’s legal.


I would just watch for unauthorized guests. If it is just the couple that rented the place, then I would not say anything.


Key words are - “in a trash bag”. Good for them!!

Is that a lot of sex? Not really. I’m over 50 and have three kids. I barely manage a kiss goodnight before falling asleep - but when my husband and I get away…well…I’ll never tell…

Isn’t it fun all the things we learn about different people as airbnb hosts?!


I’ve been struggling to come up with something positive to say…and bingo, I’ve got it!

At least the used condoms were in the trash bag! (yaay)

(Oops, dc, you beat me to it.)


Oh yah… condom FAIL. or ED… Condoms don’t work too well on guys with ED. bahahahahahaha
But seriously, it sounds like the OP is worried about multi-party sex turnover in the apartment???

hahahahahahaha… …

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Frankly, I’ve been sitting here pondering…well, okay, obsessed…about the “magnum” size of the “stack” of condoms. (whew)…my imagination is running rampant!

…uh, I guess that wasn’t the best choice of words…but see what I mean.

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Comment by Cabinhost:
“Once you go black you never go back…at least that’s how I feel about having security cameras.
Maybe magnum condoms is a Chinese thing…hmmm…lol - this forum always educates me.”

Im confused. I re-read Lara’s post and following comments but cant find anything about a Black Guy nor Chinese guest.

I didn’t read that either…same as you. But I live my life by my own interpretation and style…:slight_smile:

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