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Lost cat and other mishaps like being terminally stupid!


So it started as a stressful hosting experience since my guest arrived and immediately notified me that the internet wasn’t working. I indicated that I would do everything possible to contact the rural Quebec Canada internet provider late Friday afternoon and have them visit to inspect the internet. Since this has not happened before I was dubious as to whether I would be able to assist since I am stateside and do not have a direct line to the company - I will fix that for sure. Needless to say I was apologetic and gave them some advice on what to check. Our guest was there for a week and is working via the internet so he informed me that he would be leaving if we couldn’t get the internet working, understood. So next I get an email saying internet is now working BUT his indoor “cat” got out through the door that he thought had a screen in it but didn’t and he is DEVASTED! Here begins my odyssey. Cat, what cat? I didn’t know you were bringing a cat. Door - what door without a screen? So I write a very sympathetic note but do indicate that I did now know he was bringing a cat and I should have been informed – in accordance with my house rules in BIG LETTERS - and that when I was there in April all doors were intact. My last 3 guests didn’t mention a problem, etc. So I indicate I will ask my on-site host to help him look for his cat and check the door. Fast forward 12 hours and I get a message that his freedom loving and probably hungry indoor cat found its way back to the chalet and that he “found the screen in the door” and that he wouldn’t put any of this in the review and would chalk it up to “bad luck.” REALLY, how about I not ask you to leave for ignoring my house rules and you being too stupid to notice that when you open the window portion of the door, you need to lower the screen down. As one of my co-worker’s desk signs says “you can’t fix stupid.” What is it with guests that feel a host has to fix their stupid problems. End of rant and thanks for listening!


What an ordeal about nothing! Your guest is a handful and I totally sympathize with you. Too funny that he won’t mention his ineptitude in the review… maybe you should so future hosts know what they are getting in a guest.


@BurmaPark Thanks so much and after he leaves I will add to cautionary notes to the review. He will be added to the “guests to avoid site as well.” Take care.


I would be more concerned about what the unauthorised cat might do to your place. I once had a 2 week STR with my cats while my apartment was being renovated. They totally ripped up the underneath of the sofa. Because the guy didn’t reply to the real estate agent whether to return my bond for 3 months they returned it to me. When he got back from his overseas travels he noticed the damaged sofa and rang me up to ask me to pay for the damage. I laughed, pointed out he had had 3 months to claim for it from the agent, and hung up. Not because i am a bad person but his listing hadn’t mentioned the constant trains passing the bedroom window. So I would get someone to check after he leaves, particularly a nervous cat that was acting out and would pee (at the very least) in strange places. Check under sofas and beds for scratching.


Thanks of the heads-up and I actually have a guest arriving the day this guest leaves and my cleaner will be in so I will have her give a thorough check of the property and under the couch! I have now added to both my listings “no cats” just to be clear since with this property in Quebec I am an off-site host and have much less control over the situation.


Make sure you make any claims against the guest BEFORE the next guest arrives. Have your house keeper take pictures of any damage. If you wait until after the check in of the next guest it is too late to file an Airbnb claim.


Hi. Do you have a no pets policy clearly stated in your listing? If you do is his fault because he didnt read it.
As much as I love cats and my house is cat proofed, I don’t allow any type of pets in my rental. Some guests are allergic and I do want their business without being sued.
If I were in your case I would have immediately called airbnb and evict the guy for breaking the rules.
It is irresponsible for people traveling with cats not to inform hosts or ask if it is OK to bring their pets. what if someone brings a snake that gets loose in the house? or an ostrich or iguana? we’ve seem them in airlines, right?
Then i don’t know how people travel with cats, because mine think they are going to vet when they get into the car and mew like they’re being stabbed or something.


I hate you had a difficult guest. I’ve decided you are correct “you cannot fix stupid”.

About the cat:
A neighbor who travels with her cat told me she never discloses the cat because so many places don’t allow pets. She thinks since her cat is indoors and no one will know he has been there.

I don’t know if this is common.


I think I had a guest who sneaked in a cat once. My area rug looked like something clawed it in a certain section…kind like if you teased your hair or similar. In hindsight, I recalled a guest asking if we allowed cats - at the time I only allowed dogs. I told her no. It’s been so long now I cannot recall if I tied that phone conversation to the guest who I thought brought the cat. But after they left, looking on camera…something that looked like it could be a pet carrier was brought in. Couldn’t zoom in though to really see. And another time, that same carpet area looked even more teased. I don’t know anything about cats, but not sure if it would be common for a cat to go to that same area. Just cannot imagine what would have caused it besides clawing at it. And the second time, was long after no dogs were allowed…so it would not have been a dog


@cabinhost @Ashb24 @Annet3176 @adrienne12 THANKS to all for your advice and I do allow pets but not cats. The guest did not tell me he was bringing a cat so when this all happen I was pretty annoyed. My guest has one review that was excellent but am not sure he had his cat with him. Also I really did not like the “implied threat” that he wouldn’t mention anything in the review because it was “bad luck.” The cat incident was totally his fault and I am really not even sure the internet was out since it has never happened before but even so it was only out for two hours. I will clearly make sure that my cleaner checks between guests for any damage to our chalet and take pictures - very good idea. Thanks again and this is why I like this blog so much - such smart people!


I think you should clear state that you don’t allow cats. People’s attention span today is very limited. I’d put it in the description.


I’m up to my 6th cat so mad about cats (and dogs) I am. But they do like to scratch and apparently, or so I’ve read, when they scratch a hormone is released from the paws pad which is why the next cat will scratch the same spot. Apparently when they paw at you they are also leaving their scent on you. Nice. I have a little vacuum washer with a special enzyme for dog accidents but have never had a cat stay (apart from my own which are kept out of the guest accommodation unless they let them in) though someone once asked if they could bring their rabbit.


That might have been my sister… or her best friend.


Please tell me they live in Melbourne then it very well could have been them.


Nope. Very US based and neither of them has ever traveled with a rabbit. :wink:


I have no idea why my brain decided to see that as funny but it did :slight_smile:


It was meant to be.



I think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that I LOVE that James Stewart movie with Harvey the giant rabbit… :wink:


Anyway, rabbits aside, I had an inquiry today from a lady who wanted to check with me that it was okay to bring her two indoor cats. (Our listing says that we don’t accept dogs). I told her that I’d have to check with the HOA (it’s the HOA that doesn’t allow dogs, cats aren’t mentioned) and splendidly, the HOA said it was fine :slight_smile:

So yet another example of someone travelling with cats. :cat::cat:


I loved Harvey too but not in my Airbnb!

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