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Losing Superhost status because guests are desperate


We offer a single bed for one which is clearly stated in our title and details. Often we have people getting desperate to find accommodation and try to get us to accept two people. First they block my calendar on key weeks and second when I decline often, it affects my Superhost status which is really unfair. I’ve posted this hoping airbnb reads it and also any further suggestions people might have for us. Thanks! https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/1246389


I haven’t been doing AirBnB as long as you, but I can most definitely say that this is the experience I’ve had. The last few guests have asked to bring a second guest the day of arrival. The only saving grace I have is a fee listed for a second guest. I tell them the second guest fee will apply–I usually get a reply, “It will just be me.” I’ve only had one guest offer to pay the fee. The only suggestion I would have is to word the bolded section more strictly as: “THIS ROOM CAN ONLY ACCOMODATE A SINGLE GUEST. MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF ONE. NO EXCEPTIONS.” Best of luck!


declining bookings adversely affects your host status? i thought only cancelling affected it. i’ve had to decline on a few occasions when people questioned my dogs. my ad clearly states you must love dogs to stay with me yet i still get comments like “we’ll stay if they don’t bark” (they don’t anyway, but) or “we’ll stay if you keep them locked in your room.” i decline these inquiries politely but firmly as i can’t afford negative reviews from people who are not dog lovers. not worth it to me. but i never knew declining adversely affects status.


Declining inappropriate guests shouldn’t affect it…I thought only ratings did?


Yes just make it very clear at the beginning of the listing tell people to read through the whole listing before booking to see if it’s a good fit the problem is a lot of them don’t even read the rules


Hi Elianna,

If you have instant book, I would suggest that you turn it off. Then when potential guests request a booking you could ask them to verify via email that they understand that you can only accommodate one person, no exceptions.


Elianna, If I saw those photos I bet I’d be tempted to ask, too! Beautiful little place!!!

I don’t have anything to say about Super Host - I have no such ambitions. But your ad is very clear that it’s FOR ONE!

But wait, inquiries don’t block the calendar, right? So the only way it blocks your calendar is if you book.


Thank you!!! I appreciate your comments.


Read the middle paragraph. In my situation I am declining at least half due to inappropriate requests.


Thanks everyone. I’m going to try to add a large fee for second guest so they freak out at the price for two. For $1000 sure, you can sleep on my couch. (tee hee) I do not have instant book on. And the people I am referring to have actually requested to reserve, not just sent me a question. So yes my calendar is greyed out on those days they selected. I will try to attach the screen shot from airbnb that states f you decline a lot or all of your requests it will affect your status.


Just curious - no pressure to answer - is there a reason you don’t want 2? I wonder how many people travel solo. Anyway you can fit a second soul in there? I’m new to this and learning a lot, hence my curiosity. Also its so super cute! Of course people want to stay there.

But still my understanding is that your calendar is only blocked with a reservation, not a request. Is this wrong?



For heavens sake, “cute little getaway for one” is all over your listing! What’s with these clods? It’s your place, you get to decide ONE ONLY. The ones who push you are sending red flags they will be bad guests. Darling place, I wish I could be that cute, :slight_smile:


Yes there are several reasons. We have to share a shower and we already have our own family to get in there. Also, we live in a multi-unit building, so two people usually means more talking, cooking, water etc. We wouldn’t make that much more to take two. And finally, we have endless bookings for single travellers - you would be surprised how many people of every age group and gender like to travel alone or are here for weddings or business. For example we’ve had a travel writer and a long haul pilot. Regarding the blocked calendar, I looked a little further and although my calendar is greened out, apparently others can request those same dates. So I was incorrect, it just looked blocked.


Thanks, Elianna, that’s very interesting! One of my current guests just told me that after school she back-packed around Asia solo! And we share showers, too, so yes, trying to get everyone in and out is like a dance, right? My kids dance and do sports in the evening, and my guests are out sightseeing, so there’s not much thought to waiting to take showers in the morning!

I like the idea of setting the price crazy-high for the second person. Let us know how that works out!!


How many people here use instant book? I’m considering stopping. A group of six young women booked (my place is maxed at 6) and they are asking for all sorts of things…they are also coming for a two day concert and are wondering if I can let them bring some extra guests. These are not the kind of guests I want because this is a family building. However, with instant book, we don’t have much choice, do we?


You don’t lose Super Host from declining requests, just from canceling confirmed reservations. Excessive declines send you down in the search results but it’s not part of the SH criteria.


You have just given one good reason not to instant book!

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