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Los Angeles Host registration


To Ellen :slight_smile:It would be better if I had not been told I didn’t need to months ago, when I could have collected from my guests. Also, IF air
bnb knows that they should just return my calls and tell me.


OMG, The Trident is an institution on Pearl Street and beloved by so many! It’s also a coffee/tea house so you can never find a seat. Good for your friend :slight_smile:

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Ding ding… self-promoton no 2.


Our site directly addresses many of the issues that Hosts have with other Hosting platforms.
In addition, we are brand new, thus people have no knowledge of our site or the specifics of it.
Apologies for trying to be helpful, straightforward and doing a bit of interacting with the actual community that we benefit.
Any suggestions on how you would go about this? SMTucker? Would love suggestions from you. We are solution oriented. :slight_smile:


I’m surprised there are no updates on this thread since July '17
On 12-11-2018 City of Los Angeles passed a "home sharing ordinance " which goes into effect on 7-1-2019 and can be found online (sorry no links) search for “los angeles home sharing ordinance”

Today, less than one month away from the effective date , the Los Angeles Dept of city planning still had not completed the “online home registration portal” as described in the FAQ
which can be found on the LA City planning Website (sorry no links allowed)

Anyone have any more information on this , or where a more current discussion thread exists ?
Are we all expected to drive to the city planning office and apply in person ?


There is now an option to enter your local tax in your listing. AirBnB will include it in the reservation and send it to you in your payout. At the top level of your listing, under “Local Laws”. Under “Local Tax Collection” there is a statement that abb doesn’t collect and remit taxes for the listing.

Below that there should be “Added Taxes” with a “New” tag. Click on the “Add a tax” button. That’s it!

I am collecting 5% city sales tax and 7% room tax on every booking, which I will pay to the city when I file my quarterly sales tax.


@gaiachild You’ll get a lot more information on the Facebook group “LA Airbnb Hosts for Fair Regulations.” It looks like the city is still working on the registration process and there will be a grace period before enforcement. There’s also a lot of discussion on this Facebook page about local meetups for hosts, and how to contact the city council people if you have concerns about how the ordinance is written (i.e. if you live in a rent-controlled area that is banned from STR, if you have an ADU, if you have more than one room in your house since only one listing is allowed per property).

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