Los Angeles/Federal Taxes 2017

Nothing quite as confusing as this subject. You get a 1099, which means you’re paying taxes on the total amount paid for the year 2017—there is an occupany tax, that AIrbnb takes out. Question: is there any resource here for information regarding these subjects—calling SF can be a chore.

Every tax jurisdiction is different. But generally speaking, your 1099 should show only the income paid out to you by Air. Fed and accommodations tax are two different things The taxes, if collected by Air, are going to be a separate matter. In most cases it’s remitted to the state in one big lump sum but you still probably have to declare it on your TAT form, and then exempt it as being paid. There should be instructions on how to do this.

Also, while we are smart and friendly here :rofl: it’s probably best not to rely on an international forum for opinions on tax situations.

Thanks for the mega-quick reply!

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