Looky who I found on my Yahoo feed today

@gypsy previously posted about being interviewed for Better Homes and Gardens. Having stayed there, I recognized the place immediately as I scrolled through this morning.

Here’s a link to the story:


And she has a kettle!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


THATS NOT FAIR KKC!!! I’m supposed to toot my own horn!!! HAHA!! I am in tears I think it came out pretty nice!


Congratulations, gypsy!

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Congratulations! Great article. I enjoyed you starring in the video too!

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Congratulations, @gypsy ! Stunning place and wonderful article!

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Hello Julia!

It is my absolute pleasure to share the final video and digital article page for the episode of Tiny House Style that features your property.

Thank you so much for sharing your space with us and allowing us to capture the beautiful home you’ve created. I love how every element in the trailer has a story behind it.

Here’s a link to the YouTube page: Living in a 200 Sq Ft LA Trailer...With an Amazing View | Tiny House Style | Better Homes & Gardens - YouTube This is our priority platform, so if you’re sharing, we’d love to get as many views on that page as possible.

I’m also including a link to the article page on BHG.com: A 1954 Trailer Finds New Life as a Retro-Style Tiny Home | Better Homes & Gardens

Thank you!



here I had this idea that I actually looked ok… at least my elocution is good!! 10,600 views on their insta!!!


You look just fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s awesome, @gypsy !

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Thanks everyone, it is a little overwhelming right now trying to figure out how to utilize this famousness<><>


Just remember it only lasts 15 minutes. Another clickbait story tomorrow.

I love it. It’ s nice to see put a face with a forum member. Oddly, I have the same curtain fabric that’s in your “living room” area on some French doors in my dining room. The curtains came with the house.


That’s so amazing. If it really is the same fabric, I will buy it from you or trade a new set if it is in decent condition!! I bought that in 1983, I was so poor but I made a good choice!

jealous? 17k hearts on the bhbg insta<><> update 21k

I’m pretty sure he is referring to the Yahoo feature. Yahoo does have a revolving line up and I only saw your story once. Maybe because I clicked on it?

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IDK how these things work as I generally do not see the clickbait stuff. It has been really fun to share the famousness with friends family and guests so far. I know now why folks pursue stardom, it was amazeballs fun to be a star for a day!

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Great story, wonderful place. AirBnb owes you big for excellent PR!!!

Not ready to part with it yet since it matches sections of my wallpaper. However, I would love to sell my house this year so it may become available. They were probably put in in the around 1990. Is this it?

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congratulations for the accolades

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