Looking to learn about pain points in customer acquisition, pricing and upselling

Thank you for all the comments! I’m new here so the context is really helpful.

I’ve conducted and participated in quite a few short unpaid interviews in the past, so I hadn’t thought of offering money. But from the replies, it looks like a $20 gift card for a 10-15min interview could make sense? I’m on a tight budget right now (trying to bootstrap a startup) but will definitely plan for it in the future.

Reading through the thread, it seems like a short survey could be a good place to start. I’ll create one and send it over.

Thank you @Rolf, the price point is really helpful! Beyond short interviews, is there a specific way / place in the forum to find people for a few hours of consulting?

No worries @JJD ! I’ll put a short survey here soon.
I’m curious from your comment, do you host full time or is it more of a side gig?

Full-time. I have 3 listings

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Fair @muddy, I understand your point of view better now, thank you. I think there is a spectrum of services we could think of:

  • on one end, predatory services that aren’t really helpful and are trying to extract whatever they can from hosts (like the influencers you mention, or AirBnB when pricing in its own best interest and not hosts’)
  • on the other end, services that hosts feel are actually helpful and are willing to pay for (like Guesty or AirBnB itself as an OTA to get visibility / screen guests – I may be wrong here, still learning :slight_smile: )

Out of curiosity, if I may ask, do you use any tools or services to help you host, beyond AirBnB itself?

Thanks @jaquo! You’re totally right, I would have to be super careful to interpret responses. At this point I’m in discovery mode and wanted to have some qualitative information / see what my blind spots are, so all help is welcome!

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Right here in this thread.

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Thanks @Helsi ! interesting to know that you’re often approached by software developers. I browsed the forum a bit and saw few instances, but I’ll dig in a bit more. Maybe most are removed by moderators?

I’ve been reviewing available software tools for management (like Guesty, Lodgify), pricing (Beyond Pricing, Pricelabs), chatbots (Hospitable), upselling (The Host Co), etc. I could share more of my research on available software if that is something of interest.

So in your opinion what is the gap in the marketplace for STR software which the many other STR software providers don’t cover @mau.matsu

Most of us already know what software is out there and what they offer.

OK, now it is time to stop pushing your ‘interest’ and either hire people for interviews or leave. I am tiring of this - and the questions you are asking can be found by READING THIS FORUM.

Contributing rather than trying to ‘get free stuff’ is preferred…

“No problem I’ll just go on that Air Hosts Forum and play dumb. They will do the research for us for free. They will never get NEAR that startup capitol.”

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I’m still trying to figure out whether there is a gap in this market. But some impressions so far:

  • there are still few tools / services for upselling, but it might be due to lack of demand from hosts;
  • OTAs are way too expensive because of the market consolidation in the past years but it is not easy to have customers book direct;
  • management tools seem good, looks like a crowded space

Nope. Like many hosts here, I have one listing, where I live. All is simple.

And Airbnb doesn’t “help me host”, beyond being a listing platform where guests can find me.

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Just to clarify Rolf, I haven’t fundraised at all yet so I’m definitely not in the startup capitol. I will gladly hire when i can.
I’ll do more reading and post what I think can be helpful. Thanks!

please stop, just stop. Go away and do your prep work. But stop trying to ‘work around’ the spam rules here with "trying to figure out’ and ‘I’m in discovery mode’.

Contributing is always welcome, weasling not so much…

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Remember when some of us got free mattresses? Ah, the good old days.


Now, sadly, all that is attracted here are folks asking for things for free. It’s pretty insulting, don’t you think?

I’m not easily insulted.


Nope, not at all.

The only thing I found insulting was your thinking you had the right to speak for the rest of us:

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I do market research as part of a panel and the average reimbursement is around $100 an hour. I have 2 interviews this week and will receive $300.
I like the money and am interested in the results.