Looking to interview Airbnb hosts in Sweden as part of our master thesis


My name is Loredana Cristea and I am a student at Jönköping University in Sweden. My colleague, Subhan Arshad, and I are conducting interviews as part of our master thesis to research the role trust plays in sharing economy, to explore how trust is built between guests and hosts. We are looking to interview Airbnb Hosts in Sweden, as you are in an ideal position to offer us valuable first-hand information from your own perspective. Therefore, we are inviting you to participate in our study.

The interview takes around 60 minutes and is quite informal. We are trying to capture your thoughts and perspectives as a participant in the sharing economy. Your responses to the questions will be kept confidential. Each interview will be assigned a number code to help ensure that personal identifiers are not revealed during the analysis and write up of findings.

If you are willing to participate please suggest a day and time that suits you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,
Loredana Cristea & Subhan Arshad

WOW! That’s a long time! I’m in USA anyway.

An academic from my own country, Australia, recently put up a similar request for interviews about ABB. When I checked it out you had to sign and send back a consent form. To be honest as much as I would like to help them out I can’t be bothered filling out a form and then mailing it back. I know this is what is required for Uni research. They also had an online survey you could do as well, which I did. That’s maybe better than nothing. Then at the end ask if people want to be contacted for more info. Good luck!

I am a Swedish host but 60 min is a lot of time…

Hello, Mike! The length of the interview actually depends on the interviewee and how long his/her answers are. We had interviews that lasted 60 minutes, while others lasted only 30 minutes. We would like to talk to you, but our research is focused on the Swedish market. Thank you anyways!

Hello, cabinhost! We are studying a master of strategic entrepreneurship. We chose this topic because we are highly interested in the sharing economy and believe it is quite a controversial subject which gives us the flexibility to extract a lot of interesting information. This is what we want to explore, if there is trust, and how is that trust built.

Hello! The length of the interview depends on the length of your answers. So far, we interviewed guests and length varied between 30 and 60 minutes. I am sure we can manage to have it in 30 minutes if this works better for you. Would you be interested to participate in the research?

I assume you had this post approved by mods; will post your thesis on here when complete; and will compensate interviewees for their time?

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