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Looking for ways to promote my vacation condo

You do have ratings on your listing @gigman7

The name means a lot to the many Dolly Parton fans around the world. Pigeon Forge is the home of Dollywood, her amusement and heritage park, and a busy country music concert venue.

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The cost of joining my local tourism bureau paid for itself with my first tour. And since the hotel tax I collect helps support the bureau, the B&B is also a member. I have been active in the organization, use their events to network, and get a lot of referrals that way. The bureau has card racks at the airport, ferry terminal, and cruise port and my cards are there. I schmooze with their volunteers on slow days. :wink:

Make a nice logo for your inn, put decals on your car windows, and repeat it on your signage, business cards, etc.


It may well do @NordlingHouse

But not all of us are :grin:

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Holy cow. Thanks for having you BS detector on full alert. I’m not helping this dude.


What are you doing with the list you have created? @gigman7

Aye and a lot are not pretty.

I think maybe the OP should start with getting the basics right before thinking about promotion.

A lot of properties at under 4*: 3.50, 3.71, 3.00 and even a 2.50!

As a prospective guest, I’d be getting my bargepole out but really, the fault here lies with Airbnb. Folks like this should be kicked off the platform.



I am the owner. I have one property.

No, I don’t have any ratings. I haven’t had a guest yet.

Then if you are using these property managers I’d be looking elsewhere. Shocking ratings.



If this is true, get rid of your property manager. They’ve lumped you with crap listings and aren’t promoting you properly. If you’re the property management company, then you’re not a host and should troll elsewhere.

Make your own FB page, invite the 1,000 local businesses to like your page after you’ve liked theirs.

If you’re a remote host, find your own cleaning people and handyman services.

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Wow, with quite a few really terrible reviews and lots of host cancellations.

I’m sorry to say I would not book a stay with this host.

If you own this property and have just hired this “host” as a property manager, you are doing yourself a disservice. I hope you listed the property under your name, because if this host owns your listing and you ever decide to fire them, you will lose all of the reviews you have accumulated to that point and have to start from scratch.


:open_mouth: Why are properties this bad even allowed to stay listed?


The fact that they are still there should, I hope, stop hosts from fretting, getting stressed and / or getting drunk when they are given a 4 star for location or whatever. Broken record time; it doesn’t matter!

If it is the case that the OP owns the property and he is being ripped off by this ‘management company’ then on behalf of the other members here I hope I’m right in saying this - @gigman7, you’ve found the right place so let us help you.

I’ve just quickly looked at the listing with its dreadful over-photoshopped wide-angle photographs. Goodness Glenn, you truly need our help.


You said your Airbnb number is 41180828 and this one matches your description. If this is your property, then you should really consider a different property manager.

airbnb dot com/rooms/41180828


Evolve isn’t a host I would book with. I don’t do AirBnB stays to deal with faceless virtue-speak entities. Evolve. Indeed.


That’s the one I was looking at. The photographs are terrible. I can imagine the ‘management company’ saying “we’ll see to the photographs and make the place look great” without thinking for a moment that this is Airbnb and that accuracy matters.

So the place has a Christmas tree year round? (Which is huge on one wide-angle shot and spindly on another). The listing does the place no favours at all.


The sad reality though is that if they were an individual host, then Airbnb would have pulled their listings long ago. It seems they allow large scale property management much more leeway when it comes to poor ratings.


If you are using a management company, then why aren’t they advising you on what you can do to promote your listing @gigman7

I agree with others you are not doing yourself or your listing any favours by listing with a property management company with such awful reviews.

If you don’t feel you can manage the listing yourself, when not get a local co-host (established superhost or host with mainly five star reviews) and put the listing in your name so you build up reviews and ratings on your own profile.


Your handle is @gigman7 I suspect you’re one of the folks pictured in the Evolve team photo.

I’m a “gig worker.” You should know the basics of social media marketing and now you’re using us as click-bait to drive up the views on that listing.

Nicely played :clap: If you need social media and marketing services, call me. I’ve been doing this for a looooong time.


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