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Looking for ways to promote my vacation condo

I have a condo in Pigeon Forge, TN. I currently don’t have a rating so not too many are looking at it. I have posted ads on Craigslist. I’m not getting many looks or interests. How can I get more interest?

Is it listed on Airbnb, or is VRBO or BDC?

An alternative view is that if you can get a celebrity arrested at your condo for something unusual :wink: then you’ll get lots of interest!



I would suggest lowering your nightly rate, and keep your booking window fairly tight. Airbnb tends to promote new lower-cost stays as a way to entice new users to use their platform. Once you have a few reviews and confirmed stays, increase your prices.


. .

Thanks. You just gave me a good idea.

Aye. No such thing as bad interest, is there?


Stop winding the poor newbie up @JohnF :blush::grinning::stuck_out_tongue::smile:


What listing companies are you using to help market your place @gigman7? What sort of area is your listing in and who do you see as your target market for your listing?

What type of listings do you have.

Personally i wouldn’t lower your nightly rate when you start out as you get an artificial boost when you first start on Airbnb. Match your pricing against comparable similar local listings.

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Why not?

I’m in PIgeon Forge Tennessee. I am listed on AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO, and

Because as I mentioned in my earlier post there is no point lowering your prices to attract business when Airbnb is already putting your listing at the top of the rankings for your area as a new host.

We are an international forum so I am afraid the name of your local area won’t mean a lot of many hosts here. @gigman7

What I meant by my question is are you a villa in a beach resort, a cabin in the mountains, a room in a townhouse?

It’s difficult to know why you aren’t getting bookings without seeing the listing. What do comparable listings look like in your area. Are they getting bookings?

Glenn, you need to tell us more about what marketing methods you are using already although I suspect that you’ll find a lot of the information you need if you search the forum. This subject has been discussed many times before and there’s some great information.

But without a ranking, people are not putting any trust in my listing.

My AirBnB number is 41180828. I can give you the others if you want them.

Other than the 4 booking sites I mentioned I have posts on Craigslist and Facebook, both pointing people to the booking sites.

Do you have feelers out with local contacts? We get a lot of business that way.

Not sure what that is. Sorry. “Feelers”?

Sorry, I’m being too slangy for my own good. :slight_smile:

I have contacts with event organisers, large businesses, hospitals, local hotels and accommodation places, festival organisers and so on. All these organisations arrange accommodation for visitors such as event attendees, visiting staff, people attending courses and conferences and so on.

For example, a local theatre often has shows that are from out of town and the theatre needs to arrange accommodation for actors, musicians and production staff.

So what I meant was have you any contacts locally with people who can send you guests?

A lot of hotels and other accommodation places let me know if they have inquiries from potential guests when they can’t accommodate them at their own places.

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That sounds like an excellent idea. I’m going to start reaching out. I really appreciate the idea. Any more details on that idea would be greatly appreciated. I have already accumulated almost 1,000 businesses in that area that I have put in a list.

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How saturated is your market?
Who are you competitors?

Mostly, my competitors are log houses.

We are the most visited National Park, by far, in the entire United States.

How is it you can have 493 listings and not know how to market this one?

This is the listing from the rooms number you gave:
airbnb dot com/rooms/41180828

And this is the host:
airbnb dot com/users/show/121235121

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