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Looking for others that Air bnb in Baja Mexico



Hello, I’m starting up an Air bnb in Rosario Mexico and am looking for others Air bnbing in the area that may be able to help me avoid common mistakes. We will be renting our brand new 2/2 condo. Thanks!


I have a really small one that I’m trying to rent as well. Near by (ish) on the Baja on the east side of the Sea of Cortez. I was in touch with a few property management companies, went down there 3 or so weeks ago (long trek from colorado) and they all blew me off. PM me if you find out any info at all!! Mexico is awesome but doing any kind of business down there can be somewhat sketchy. Luckily the margs were great :stuck_out_tongue:


You would be best finding a local host group for that area and seeing if anyone wants to co-host or finding a local airbnb management company.

Failing that you might need to find a local cleaner and housekeeper for turnarounds.

The best way to avoid making common mistakes is by reading through forums like these. Reading through Airbnb Community useful tutorials and guides and the FAQs on Airbnb Help Centre.

Most common mistakes are made by hosts who don’t familiarise themselves with how Airbnb works before they start to host.

If you can’t find local support for Airbnb you might be better letting your place for weekly/fortnightly lets through a traditional holiday letting company.

Don’t forget to make sure you install CCTV and have insurance for STRs before you start to let your property.


Thanks for your help. I’m really going to look like a novice but…what is CCTV and STR?


Closed circuit television and short term rental/s :slight_smile:

Those of us who have been bumbling about on this forum for ages see so many ‘help me, what should I do?’ posts from inexperienced hosts who simply haven’t done what @Helsi suggests. True, hosts learn so much once they are hosting - new lessons come along with every guest - but it is so important to know how the Airbnb system works before you start. And this forum has so many useful posts that can help you enormously.

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