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Looking for NYC hosts as part of new business pilot


Hi everyone,

My name is John Kresse. My wife and I have started a business to connect Airbnb guests to local brands and businesses in New York City. We’re looking for Airbnb hosts in NYC who:

  • Want to delight their guests upon arrival with small samples of locally made products (bath and body, food, etc.).
  • Understand the importance of going the extra mile to ensure good guest reviews.
  • Want to help connect guests to local businesses that rock!

Want to participate as a host in our pilot program? Please visit our website and sign-up on the “Hosts” page or email us at delightwithlocal@gmail.com. There is no cost and very little to no work involved in participating in the pilot. We’re looking for 5-10 hosts in NYC to take part in the pilot and test the concept.

All the best,

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