Looking for London hosts


I am an undergraduate at Durham University carrying out research for my dissertation, which aims to investigate the effects of Airbnb hosting on inequality, some aspects of my project intend to be specifically tied to an investigation of the situation in London. If there are any London hosts who would be willing to answer some of my questions, be interested in chatting about this topic, perhaps via email or over a quick phone call I would be extremely interested and grateful to hear you thoughts! Please reply to this thread if this is something you think you may be able to help with!

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions if you want to know further information!

Many Thanks,
Aashni Patel

Why don’t you post on the London Host FB Group.

Hi @Helsi

Thanks for suggesting that, I will do that to obtain the data I need that is more specific to London. Since the responses I have received from hosts from other locations has been so useful on this forum, I though I would try my luck with a London specific post here, but yes, my next step regarding the London specific aspects of my study will be to look at the London hosts FB group, thanks again for pointing me in this direction!