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Looking for Hosts in the East Tennessee Area


I am relocating to East TN in the near future, but do not have a place to live. If you are an AirBnb Host, perhaps you need an on-site caretaker for your property. I am looking for housing in exchange for maintaining your property. I will clean it up after your guests leave and insure it is safe at all times. This would be a great opportunity for someone who can not be at their property on a consistent basis.

Please contact me if this arrangement appeals to you. I would be happy to discuss it further, as well as provide character references.


Hi Libra,

It was well worth you trying here and I applaud your initiative but I doubt you’ll get any takers from this forum. Best of luck though :slight_smile:


Thanks. If you have any suggestions on other arenas that I may try, I would be open to them. In my opinion, I have nothing to lose so why not try.


I would say the vast majority of hosts won’t want a live in host. They want to have a whole listing to rent out. It’s much rarer for hosts to want to list rooms in a home and have a live in co-host.

If they did they would want someone to look after managing bookings, not just maintaining the home.

You’d be better looking for a house share and promoting yourself as a co-host if you have hosting experience.


TY for your feedback and advice. I knew this would be a long shot, but one worth taking.

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